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By Kelly Hushin


It would take quite a lot for this high maintenance hair lady to do my own color at home. I remember the days when it didn’t take much – a trip to the drug store to scout the right colors and ogle the many boxes was actually fun and exciting.

But that excitement wore off fast with one or two bad box events. When your color looks nothing like the little hair swatch near the price tag in the aisle, it’s easy to become disenchanted with the whole at-home hair dye experience. That’s why I’m fairly certain eSalon’s business model is on point.

eSalon offers an online (how very now) alternative to the drug store aisle madness brought on by fruitless color searching. You begin by filling out a profile on the website which asks you questions from what color your hair is now, to what kinds of chemical treatments you’ve had, to how well your hair takes to color. After you’ve completed the questionnaire and have chosen the color you would like, you can upload a photo of yourself to try on the color. A custom hair color is formulated just for you, and it is paired with a set of personalized instructions and relevant accessories to create a full custom hair color application. And it’ll be at your doorstep in two days – no need to ever leave the sofa.

Unlike choosing a box at the store and comparing your current color to the options on the side, eSalon takes into account many factors before recommending a color for you. Factors like these are critical in the selection of hair color, and typically they can be analyzed only by a professional. If you’re a girl who enjoys the at-home experience, or simply has to watch pennies and take the drug-store alternative, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t try eSalon at a totally reasonable $22 a box.

AJ Lordet, a pro colorist and expert in the art of Balayage, happens to be the east coast style ambassador for eSalon, and uses it regularly herself. When she showed me the kit while I sat in her chair at the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC, I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging and presentation – always a plus when dealing with products (yes, we do judge our cosmetics by their covers). She couldn’t use the stuff on me, of course, as I am a mess of far too many highlight experiences over the years. The color is really meant for gals into a single process and I was in need of a more thorough color update. BUT, that said, AJ walked me through the whole thing and showed me how she touches up her roots with her own custom formula that she can easily reorder from the site at any time.

The benefit of having someone like AJ near you is you can ask her any eSalon questions, anytime. So for any of you who were reluctant about the whole process because you’d rather speak to a real, flesh and blood person, about your hair color – they’ve got an answer for that too.

Check it out at, or on the east coast at Pierre Michel, on 135 East 57th Street, on the corner of Lexington Ave.

Originally published May 2012



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