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By P.J. Gach


This fall, the fashions are glamorous, harkening back to the 40’s and 50’s for chic sophistication. So how do we do our hair? I spoke with Eliut Rivera of EM Studio to find out what we should be doing to our tresses this fall.

Eliut and Marco Maranghello are the creators of EM Studio, a jewel box of a hair salon, located on the fifth floor of 762 Madison Avenue (212-472-3440) near (unfortunately, sigh) Armani and Fred Leighton. Eliut and Marco met while working at Oribe and together realized their dream of a luxe intimate salon. On their staff are award winning colorists Michael Casey and Lisa Estridge. Michael was voted by New York magazine as the colorist to go to if you want to be blonde.

While you’re there you could rub shoulders with any one of New York’s socialites or a celebrity like Sheryl Crow, Diana Krall, Kim Cattrall, Brooke Shields, Naomi Campbell, Linda Lopez, fashionistas, famous editors…well the list of their gorgeous clients can go on for paragraphs.

I met up with Eliut, gazed into his chocolate brown eyes and asked him what should we do with our hair this fall? Eliut said, “Fall hair is big hair. It’s going to be very big and messy. Haircut wise it has to be layered with long bangs. You can do a lot of things with layered hair, and with long bangs as well. You can split it in the middle; you can split it on the side with a kind of fullness and hair on the face. You can style it like the 40’s by simply putting a little wave to it. Hair is straighter for this fall, but fuller with lots of body.”

Well, I said, should there be a separate look for day? Should glamour just be for night? Eliut, smiled and laughed, “A woman should be glamorous everywhere she goes! I think women should be wearing glamorous hair day and night. If you’ve got a great hair cut, you can keep it simple for the day, it doesn’t have to be very big; it can be simple, sexy and glamorous.”

When you mention big hair, you don’t mean 90’s hair do you? “No! No hair spray hair! I’m talking about a lot of volume to the hair. Very full, very glamorous and use extensions.”

Extensions, I asked, why? “Well,” said Eliut, “Women who want celebrity hair, need extensions. Celebrities use them to achieve their looks. They normally don’t have hair like you see in the magazines, they use extensions. They’re very thin strips of hair that you can snap on and off. You can blow dry them, do anything to them that you would do with your own hair. Another great way to achieve glamorous hair this autumn is to use falls. Hair pieces can add volume and create elegant looks, especially for evening.”

Are there any hot colors for fall I wondered? Eliut replied, “Highlights are out for fall. The color is auburn, red is sexy and glamorous. Dark brown is great, the contrast between very fair skin and dark hair. It’s better to color one color for fall because it gives your hair more shine and life. Blondes, well they can use a few highlights, but it’s better to go more dramatic. Think of a Marilyn Monroe type blonde for fall and winter.”

I asked Eliut about hair accessories. He replied, “Headbands are making a comeback. Chic jeweled barrettes are great, but use only one. Two and they’re not sexy…it’s too symmetrical. Just pull back some of you hair, leave some wisps up front; it’s semi-messy and very sexy.”

The weather changes the way we treat our hair, so I wanted to know what Eliut thought we should do to cleanse and condition it. “In the fall, if you’re hair is a little oily, don’t deep condition it. Since the fall look is volume oriented, don’t deep condition it as much, it will flatten your hair. You have natural oils in your hair; you should work with your natural oils.”

So what should we use to style our hair? “Blow drying, hot rollers,” said Eliut.” They may sound old fashioned, but it’s the best way to keep your hair wavy and add a lot of body to it. They work fast, so if you have a busy lifestyle, they’re great. Velcro rollers are also an excellent tool. You blow dry your hair with the rollers in. You don’t have to dry them to perfection. In about fifteen minutes, you’ve got great curl and body. Curling irons are for hair dressers. Too many women have injured themselves with them. Leave them alone. You should also get a good round brush. Sometimes I recommend a flat iron if the hair is very kinky. You’d use the flat iron first to smooth out the hair, and then use rollers for body.”

Famous last words? “Stay glamorous day and night. You can have glamorous hair during the day, even when you’re wearing jeans. Use simple accessories. The simpler it is, the sexier it is.”

Originally published October 2004



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