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By Stef Schwalb


As I start off this April as your hair care editor, I feel the need to come clean: in the past, I have been stylistically challenged. But these days, I get my hair cut and colored at a reputable salon, and I make sure my hairdresser explains how to correctly use any product I put on my strands, so what gives? What’s with the days when nothing I do works and my hair looks like it’s better off dead?

Luckily for me, and now you, I found the answer in Robert Craig’s “No More Bad Hair Days” kit. According to this New York stylist, it isn’t my shampoo, hormones, or the weather.

This is nice to know, considering April’s showers are here and the hazy, hot, and humid heydays of summer will soon be upon us. (I also tend to like the products I use, and there isn’t much I can do about my hormones! But I digress….)

The instrumental element behind “No More Bad Hair Days” is an obvious one we can’t do without when maintaining our manes: water. We need it for cleansing, so it’s something we have to adjust to. Since it varies all around the U.S. from soft and moderately hard to extremely hard, you never know how your hair will react. The minerals in water are different for each of these degrees, so some may cling to strands more making it hard for shampoo to clean with maximum effect (moderately to extremely hard) or some may make rinsing all of the product out almost impossible (soft). Whether you hair becomes dry or limp, both cases can make it behave badly.

To alleviate this, the “No More Bad Hair Days” kit comes with 12 test strips, three shampoos for soft, moderately hard, and extremely hard water, and a spray-on leave-in conditioner. The travel-size containers make it perfect for people on the go, which was originally why Craig designed the products. He had several clients who traveled for business and always came back to him with complaints about their usual products not performing up to par. Because he was well-versed in both science and the art of hair care, Craig knew how water variations impacted strand health and appearance so he set out to solve the problem.

After devoting five years to the task, the “No More Bad Hair Days” kit was born. Everything you need to figure out which shampoo you should use is right in front of you. The process is simple. You do a dipping test of a strip in sample water. Then you compare the resulting color to the hues on the bottles. Whichever colors match is the shampoo you should use. If the strip becomes green, the water is soft. If the strip is dark brown, it is moderately hard. If it is light brown, it’s extremely hard.

The salon-formulated shampoos incorporate a combination of botanical ingredients and can be applied to normal, color-treated, and permed hair. The conditioning spray leave-in protector was developed to detangle, moisturize, and provide strands with protection against UV damage. It’s a beautiful bonus to taming and treating tresses that can easily be accomplished at home or on the road – even by former coiffure killers like me.

The “No More Bad Hair Days” kit sells online at for $24.95 (plus shipping and handling).

Originally published April 2005



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