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By Lauren Fishman


Have you ever heard of Trichology or Trichoanalysis? No? Ok, I hadn’t either, but I know of it now…and love it! I set up an appointment with the famous and fabulous Christopher Mackin at Gil Ferrer Salon with no expectations and left with a wealth of knowledge, the shiniest hair I’ve ever seen and a rock-star haircut. I’ll explain it to you as best I can, I swear, and when I’m done you’ll want to know more and get it yourself…yes, really.

After studying medicine, Christopher (not Chris, Christopher) Mackin, in his third year, sat down with a group of friends who explained to him the joys of trichology and the need for it in the states. You see, Trichoanalysis had already hit big in Europe and needed a vehicle to bring it here for us to enjoy. Mackin explained that in Europe, seeing your trichologist was like (in frequency and beyond) seeing your shrink. We can all understand that.

He ventured to London, where for five years, he studied a medley of sciences. Arriving in the states, he found himself working with others, but did not find his niche until he reached Gil Ferrer Salon, where he is known for his excellent methods, hair advice, and awesome concoctions to keep hair at its healthiest. Although he would not divulge the secrets to his wonderful smelling masterpieces on which he and his own chemist worked, he explained the theories from which his recipes originate. All shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments build up on one’s hair from the tips all the way to the root of a strand. His goal is to strip all of the yuckiness, leaving hair the way it should be, not just dead cells, but a mane of your personality. No one wants her first impression to say “dirty.” Ok maybe you do, but for the sake of the rest of this article, pretend that you value cleanliness.

When entering the Gil Ferrer Salon, one’s first and only task is to fill out a questionnaire. No, not about you, about your hair, silly. Is it curly, wavy, or straight? What do you put it in it and how frequently? What about things you digest? All of this ends up coating your lovely locks, you know. After this, you’re in his team’s hands…and what strong and lovely hands they are. While we’re on the cleanliness tip, let me explain to you the importance of a good shampoo. Using eucalyptus to strip your hair of yuckiness for the aforementioned reasons, the man I now call my “scalp massaging/shampoo artist” scrubs your scalp while making you putty in his hands. I’m not one for relaxing easily and by the time I was done, I was dizzy with relaxation. No Joke.

Alright, I was relaxed, my hair was super clean and I was put in a chair to finally realize the magic of Christopher Mackin. As I sat, nervously awaiting what was to come, Mackin began telling me tales of the famous. He was once brought out to fix Meg Ryan’s hair when it was literally breaking off during the filming of French Kiss, you know. With a bottle full of gooey goodness (once again, I have no idea of what was in it, but it did smell like lavender), he began coating my hair. Ok, here’s the best part. Using a vibrating scalp massager, he brought me to near climax (ok, not really, but I’m sure it’s worked for some). Using the massager to work the goo into my scalp, getting it into all of my gross (I’m sure) pores, he became totally in control. After my near intimate moment with Master Mackin, I was put under the dryer for approximately 20 minutes where I read articles about him from various magazines. After he rinsed the goo out of my hair and gave it a splash of cold water to close off the pores, I could immediately feel the difference. Ever felt a friend’s head of hair and asked how the hell she got it SO soft?? Yeah, well, if you felt mine it would’ve boggled your mind.

Ok, to top it all off, I decided that if the Trichoanalysis and Trichology treatment was this amazing, I should definitely inquire about a haircut. Right away I was seated in the chair of Vincent, a man from Brazil who has been styling hair for 17 years and also a stylist to stars. Ask to see pictures of his family. It’s beautiful, I promise. I was so confident with the abilities of this man that I told him to do whatever he wanted with my hair. I know, brave, right? Anyway, he blow-dried my hair (he cuts hair dry) and then went to work. In no time at all, I had the perfect rock-star haircut that perfectly framed my face and fell in just the right position…in a word, it was perfect. Vincent does make-up too! I might have to go back just to see how he perfects that craft as well.

In conclusion, you must go to Gil Ferrer Salon and ask for these men to change your distressed hair and the way you think about it forever. The Trichoanalysis Treatment is $65 and up and the Haircut for women runs $85 and up. Do it….really. Tell Mackin you read about him here and he may give you just a little more time with the vibrator….um, I mean vibrating massager thingy.

P.S. Make sure you read the hair tips on the website (there are 24 of them)!

Originally published January 2004



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