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Women on the go need newer, faster beauty and hair solutions

The mobility trend: it began with cell phones and now we couldn’t imagine a world without wireless Internet and meal-replacement protein shakes. Ironically, the more ways we figure out how to multitask on the go, the less time we ultimately have to ourselves. So what happens when you don’t have a free minute to think, much less an extra hour to wash and dry your hair every time it feels a little less than fresh? Like some of the great inventions before it, dry shampoo was created with the mobile lifestyle in mind. It’s recently had a resurgence in popularity and brands like Bumble and Bumble and Ojon are rolling out their intros to support the trend.

Shampowder!™ by Buttercream Cosmetics, Inc.

Shampowder!™ by Buttercream Cosmetics, Inc. (available at goes back to basics with a pure baby powder base that lifts hair oils and environmental pollutants away from the follicle. The powder absorbs oil, removes odor with a light vanilla scent and adds body to your ‘do. Its compact shape and attached applicator brush make Shampowder! the perfect to-go item to use between washes. It also comes in a variety of tints to match your hair color.

Bumble and Bumble’s Hair Powder

Another brand with a shade-specific dry shampoo is Bumble and Bumble. The company’s Hair Powder (available from comes in black, brown, white, red and blondish. Not only does this product absorb oils on less than clean hair, it also is useful as a root touch-up between color treatments. When applying to dry hair, be sure to protect clothing as there is a tint of color in this product.

Rub-Out™ Dry Cleanser by Ojon

No matter how clean it is, not everyone is completely comfortable with putting powder in her hair (or in her purse, for that matter). If you have a little more space to also carry a brush, try OjonR Hair’s Rub-Out™ Dry Cleanser. The 4.5 oz spray bottle combines natural properties from the Quillaja tree with potato starch, silk powder and clay to remove oils and dirt build-up. Ojon oil, which is diffused throughout the spray, works to hydrate and repair dry hair hence causing the product to act as a shampoo and conditioner. Luckily, the product requires little maintenance. Simply spray close to the roots and brush it through your hair once or twice. Visit

P2 refresH air-dry shampoo by Philip Pelusi

Extra protection and moisture is often needed for those with treated hair. Philip Pelusi’s P2 refresH air-dry shampoo provides color protection to prevent color fading and maintain shine. It removes about 50 percent of all hair-build up and is recommended for use up to 2-3 times per day. This product is great for mobility – just spray and go. If you happen to be at home and near a flat iron, however, it works wonders with a little heat. If you find yourself running around all day, take a break and smell the hair product! The product’s white tea and thyme scent are very calming. Visit

Refresh by T3

Dry shampoo isn’t only for those times when you find yourself frantically primping in a public bathroom between appointments. For those times when you have a few extra minutes to style your hair, like when you’re running late (but not that late) to work, try 360(DEGREE) Refresh by T3. The product is applied at the roots and then activated by blow-drying and styling. Although it may not save on much prep time, it is recommended to help retain some of your locks’ natural moisture by cutting down on wet shampoos, which often strip hair of nutrients. Like the other products, it absorbs excess oils that build up during the day to leave light, manageable hair. Available in three tints, it can also help carry you over until your next dyeing appointment by covering those god-awful roots. Visit

Sandy Taylor-Furst and her product, Start Fresh

What is any good product piece without a ‘green’ shout-out? Well here is your eco-friendly solution for dry shampoos. Start Fresh by Style Like a Pro boasts an Eco-proud formula. Developed by Sandy Taylor-Furst, a 20-year hair colorist veteran from the San Francisco Bay area, the mist spray gently soothes the scalp and moisturizes hair while leaving a light lavender scent behind. Furst says that her product was created for her customers who often “over-shampooed.”

Whether you opt for powder, spray or mist, tinted versus not tinted, scented or neutral, heat-activated rather than standalone product, or even an eco-friendly formula, dry shampoos all cut down on style time and keep your locks fresh and nourished during your hectic day.

Originally published September 2008



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