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Ah…the summer sun. So warm, so bright. It can enhance your highlights, but at the same time, strip your hair of its intended hue when UV rays, chlorine, and environmental hazards have their way with you. If you’re like me, though you love to color your strands, you only indulge in the process every four months or so because you want to do your best to maintain the health of your hair and scalp. But when I indulge, I’ll always seek out the best products to help keep my color in check for as long as possible without damaging and drying my ‘do. My latest discovery? Ted Gibson’s Individual Color™.

Ted Gibson as you probably know is a renowned hair stylist whose work includes appearances in top fashion mags such as Vogue and Vanity Fair; on several runways projects for fashion houses like Chanel and Prada; and with celebrity clientele that includes Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly. He has done a great deal of television work, is an educator, product creator, and owner of his signature namesake salon and spa in New York. His latest innovation is a revolutionary new line of shampoos and conditioners that were designed to deliver clean, conditioned, and customized color for natural strands and those that have been processed with color products. What’s so cool about this collection is the unique packaging. It is a dual-chambered bottle with color pigment on one side and shampoo or conditioner on the other. It features a dial-up delivery system so that everyone can custom-blend color as much as they desire. To get the inside scoop on these new products we got in touch with Jason Backe, the head colorist at Ted Gisbon.

BN: How did the idea of the dual-chambered bottle and innovative dial feature come about?
JB: We actually found the bottle online when we were searching for packaging. We contacted the manufacturer and learned that it was not being used for hair care. We negotiated an exclusive with them where we can use the bottle. It immediately inspired us to think about customized hair care at home, and as a colorist, I immediately started thinking about the options for color.

BN: What are the benefits of the ingredients (for color-treated and natural hair), and how were they chosen?
JB: We chose a direct dye for the hair color in both the shampoo and conditioner. A direct dye is a temporary hair color in which the color molecule is large enough that it rests on the surface of the hair and lasts from shampoo to shampoo. With the dial on the top, the consumer has the ability to control how much pigment is added to the shampoo or conditioner dictating the intensity of the color deposit. We also included mango for softness, jojoba for moisture, red algae extracts for strength, and wild orchid extract, which tones and conditions the scalp and helps to prevent moisture loss from the hair.

BN: How do the ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner complement one another?
JB: Both the shampoo and conditioner were created to carry and effectively deposit the temporary color; that was the main thing. In addition, we wanted to create a gentle cleansing shampoo that discourages hair color from fading and a conditioner that is moisturizing, but not heavy.

Individual Color™ is available in five shades: Glimmering Gold (for honey tones in blonde hair), Vivacious Violet (to soften brassy tones and enhance cool tones in blonde tresses), Captivating Copper (to enhance copper color in red and strawberry blonde strands), Brazen Brown (to reveal rich, chocolate tones in brown hair- my hue, my hero!); and Ravishing Raven (which adds cool depth to dark brown and black ‘dos). The products come in 10-ounce bottles. They retail for $36.00 and are available at Saks Fifth Avenue. For more information on the products log on to; for more info on Ted Gibson, his salon, services, and other products check out [url=][/url].

Originally published July 2006



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Nancy DeCosta Says:

Is your Brazen Brown a warm or cool brown. Dark or medium? Is it a true brown or does it have reds, golds, or orange tones? Thanks.

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