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By Stef Schwalb


Ok. So you know the drill. Ionic. Ceramic. Infrared heat. Tress tools that incorporate materials combining advanced technologies have surpassed being trendy beauty buzzwords to behold and are instead on the forefront as proven products that enhance our hair in several ways. Not only has drying and styling time been reduced but the damage that can occur from these products in their traditional form has been diminished as well. We’ve covered some dryers and flat irons that have been “ones to watch” in the past within our product column Fab Four. Now with the innovative and amazing new Farouk Systems’ CHI Nano Silver product line, which features a hair dryer and flat iron, and the CHI Ionic Color Protection System, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and hair masque, it’s time to delve a little deeper.


First thing’s first: the Nano Silver line consists of the CHI Nano Dual Air Flow Ceramic Hair Dryer and the CHI Nano Ceramic Flat Iron. They were created to improve hair quality by eliminating bacteria, which is something we don’t often think about when we use our products on a daily basis, but it’s important to take note of. The build up of bacteria during use and reuse of tools, when our hair is with product and without, clean or dirty, is continual. Styling items are basically a breeding ground for bacteria. With CHI Nano Silver Technology the ions incorporated constantly sterilize over 650 types of bacteria every time you use the styling products, which in turn, helps maintain healthy hair. Silver is an excellent element for sanitization and when partnered with negative ions, far infrared, and ceramic technology, the union packs a powerful and protective punch.


In terms of some products details, the dryer includes dual-fan system, which helps dry hair up to 40% faster. I tried it (Note: My hair is stick straight and flows to the middle of my back), and the drying time was surprising shift. I tend to have a sensitive scalp, so the fact that the heat doesn’t get too hot is excellent as well. The dryer also includes a cold shot button (a fave feature of mine in general). The overall technology for both the dryer and the flat iron produces a positive energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft; the negative ions also help eliminate static electricity and frizz to help keep strands shiny and healthy. In addition, the flat iron uses pure ceramics that are categorized as pharmaceutical-grade, which produce a moist heat. It has a flexible, pure ceramic plate that permits versatility so you can straighten, curl, flip and bend your hair without damaging it or creating lines of demarcation. The ceramic heat that the negative ions create also seals the cuticle to help hold off humidity, lock in hair hues, and deflect color fading. The far infrared aspect basically means these products help maintain the safety of the environment and your health. Specifically for the dryer, it translates to the reduction of the level of EMF (Electric Magnetic Fields) that in traditional dryers is up to 1500 Microns (with CHI Nano Silver, it’s less than 1.5).


On to the new CHI Ionic Color Protector System. If your color is fading, your strand structure weak, and your locks lackluster and tangled, this three-step system is a savior. Environmental stress, thermal heat, and poor quality shampoos tend to take a toll on our tresses. This system defends your hue and keeps it healthy and shiny. It’s formulated to cleanse, preserve, and protect. Its ingredients include sulfate-free technology that helps wash impurities from hair and effectively cleanse strands without disturbing the dye molecules. It incorporates a Colorfinity Complex, which is a fancy term for an innovative blend of color-protecting ingredients that help maintain rich, vibrant hair hues, seal the cuticle to lock in luster, and shield strands from environmental and thermal stresses. Last but not least, all of the products are fortified with ionic technology, which means those ingredients bond to damaged areas to strengthen strands from the inside out. Here’s the breakdown of the system: Cleanse is the sulfate-free shampoo; Seal is the moisturizing conditioner; and Protect is the leave-in masque. The shampoo and conditioner are available in 12 oz. and 32 oz.; the masque in 6 oz. and 16 oz. I’ve tried the system for around a month or so since my last coloring, and my ravishing red highlights have kept their shade and shine to the best of my satisfaction. For more product information and prices, log on to [url=][/url].

Originally published July 2006



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