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By Kathryn Holl


With so many bridal styles to choose from, it’s important to have the best tools in the trade to get the job done. Whether you sport an updo, loose waves, or stick-straight strands, here’s a few product suggestions for how to get the hair you’re hoping and a wishing for.

Want to have do-it-yourself bridal hair? Or do you have a bridesmaid who wants to handle her own “do” for the big day? No worries, Olivia Garden’s Jet Set EZ Grip Curlers make it easy to add volume and texture to any tresses in distress.


No more pins or clips, these curlers adhere to wet or dry hair without any fasteners. But a word to the wise, follow the instructions below to avoid getting the curlers stuck in your strands:

1. Use the correct size curler for your hair and do not make more than four turns around the curler. If after four turns you still have hair to wrap, go up to the next size up.

2. If you have fine hair, wrap curler neatly and avoid contact with any fly-aways or other section of hair that is not on the curler. TRESS TIP: When setting hair, clip back the rest of your hair and leave out the section you are currently wrapping around the curler.

3. Keep the width of the section of hair you are curling smaller than the width of the actual curler.

4. Comb the section of hair with a brush before going over it again with the curler. This ensures that the section is free of tangles and smooth before wrapping it down It also creates a nicer curl.

5. Wrap the curler at a right angle from the scalp so that when you remove the curlers, you will do so with the same angle, avoiding contact with any of the other curlers still on your head.

6. When removing the curlers, unwrap them away from other hair and up away from the scalp. Do not drag down, pull, or allow hair that is not in the curler from catching on the curler, especially when doing the first turn of the unwinding process. If fly-aways catch on the curler, simply free that hair away from the curler using a finger. TRESS TIP: If hair does tangle in the curler, take your time and do not pull the hair as this will only cause knotting.

7. Alternatively, gals with very fine hair or first-timers with curlers may want to check out NiteCurl, a softer plastic version of the Jet Set.

Available in seven sizes of bright colors and sold in two introductory kits, the Jet Set EZ Grip Curlers retail for $3.99 per package and are available at Sally’s, Trade Secret, and other fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new hair dryer for your honeymoon, check out the Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt Professional Dryer by Hot Tools. Complete with its patented Pro-Moisture System, this lightweight dryer packs a mean punch with a penetrating form of heat that passes through the hair cuticle. The cuticle is not over-dried and resists brittleness and cracking, creating shine and leaving hair soft. The Tourmaline Ionic dryer will dry hair faster as its far-infrared energy penetrates to the center of the follicle to dry it from the inside out.


The Ions created by its direct Ion Technology break water droplets into smaller, easier-to-dry, easier-to-absorb particles. It also helps cleanse hair of odors and impurities. Not to mention that this dryer accepts most universal fit diffusers, has eight speed and heat options, and also comes with a convenient carrying case. Use the airflow concentrator attachment for a more directed airflow (intense heat, more body) and the styling pik attachment to help straighten hair. The Ionic 1875 Watt Professional Dryer by Hot Tools has a retail value of approximately $79.99 and can be found at beauty supply stores nationwide.

Looking for a few tender tendrils to accentuate your updo? Or do you have a few last-minute strands that won’t stay in their spiral shape? Then reach for the BaByliss™ PRO Porcelain Ceramic™ Tapered Barrel Curling Iron. It’s uniquely designed to produce the perfect curl and comes in two sizes of either a 3/8″-3/4″ or a 1/2″-1″. With 30 heat settings that reach up to 400ºF, the tapered barrel can create a tight effect at the root to add a big lift of volume, which can result in soft, romantic, and cascading loose curls. This tool provides an advanced form of ceramic technology made up of the finest commercial-grade porcelain placed within the heating surface of the iron, which helps improve the distribution of heat and eliminates hot spots that can cause strands to sizzle. It also enhances far-infrared heat and negative ion production, resulting in reduced static electricity. It provides a flawless finish that leaves strands shiny and silky to the touch.


The BaByliss™ PRO Porcelain Ceramic™ Tapered Barrel specialty curling iron is ideal for all hair types. It retails for $100.00 and is available at as well as most fine beauty supply stores throughout the U.S.

Unexpected gray on the big day? Not an issue if you have ColorMark’s instant liquid touch-up for gray roots. ColorMark is the only hair color that bonds color to the hair and instantly covers gray roots until the next shampoo or visit to the colorist.


Unlike crayons or mascaras, ColorMark will stay on even after brushing, in case you need to freshen up for photos or the reception. To use, slide ColorMark’s comb under dry hair, keeping it as close to the scalp as possible and apply your shade around the hairline and part where gray roots are most noticeable. Available in twelve colors, there’s a way to cover up your grays no matter what shade of hair you’re trying to shield. ColorMark retails for $19.95 and can be purchased at select salons and cosmetic specialty stores, ULTA or by visiting [url=][/url].

Originally published May 2006



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