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By Jennifer Hoyden

The ultimate hair product isn’t in a tube or a tub; its a magazine. You search high and low for the perfect shoes, you walk yourself tirelessly from downtown to uptown for the right jeans, heck, maybe you even put your name on a waiting list for a purse, so why settle for a one-size fits all not-quite-you Do? You can be the bazillionth client to bring a fashion mag to the salon and point to the model/actress/singer of the month, OR, before your next appointment, you can give your hair the consideration it deserves and peruse Your Hair. This is a super glossy magazine packed with gorgeous pictures of every imaginable cut, style and color (the August issue boasts 859 sexy looks and September is coming with 969). You can find it stateside on the magazine shelves of large bookstores such as Borders and Barnes & Noble, or at newsstands with good imports, because this beauts a Brit. You Hair features how-to and haircare advice, makeovers, product reviews, all delivered with quirky UK lingo (bangs are called fringe, braids are plaits and color is always spelled colour).

The salons featured on the pages are sadly inaccessible to all but the frequent flyer, but a good portion of the potions is home-grown.

While many of the faces reflecting the current trends will also be familiar (it seems that the British are just as susceptible to celeb idolization as we are), the bulk of the headshots really highlight great cuts and styling, eliminating the yawn factor that comes from mimicking the starlets. This is the perfect source for swipes to show your hairdresser. Senior Editor of Your Hair Rachel Harries aims to provide her readers with style inspiration, celebrity gossip/trends, and advice for their hair problems. Ms. Harries (yes, that is really her name), recently sat down on the opposite end of the Atlantic to offer her two pence on oh do I even have to say it.

On the products she personally favours.
Isn’t everything imported?! Um, I love the Pure Hair range. I think that’s from the States. It’s all natural, organic-type stuff and most of it smells great. I like Aveda’s Hang Straight and L’Oreal Professionnel’s Liss Control. My hair is very fine and prone to ugly frizz, and these straightening creams both help with my daily hair battle! Hmm, I favour Clinique’s hair range, but on a more practical level, I’d probably recommend Andrew Collinge’s range of products as a solid, reliable high street brand.

On the style influence the US offers British women
Hollywood has a lot to offer by way of hair inspiration. We’re always using film stars as an example of new trends. Hollywood also gave us volume (big hair) and tumbling curls as an alternative to the constant stream of ‘straight, sleek’ looks that UK women seem to constantly strive for.

On the hair trends for fall that she is excited about
For Autumn I predict that we will see a return to defined layers a la Jennifer Aniston (the infamous Rachel cut). One-length hair is so, so SUMMER!

On the possibility that Brit beauty tips wont translate on this side of the pond.
I don’t think the approach to hair varies much the world over. If I’m honest, I think the fact that Your Hair is licensed out to eight different countries is testament to that. By the way, Great Hair is our new magazine – a smaller format and a sexy little number.

On personal pearls of hair wisdom
If in doubt, scrape it back in a ponytail. Ponytails are the saving grace of busy working women! They can be as sexy as a perfectly executed blowdry. As long as your hair is clean, you can get away with almost anything.

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Originally published September 2003
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