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By Jasmin Guleria



Lately I’ve become utterly bored with my workouts. Treadmills, Bikes, and Free Weights are leaving me feeling a bit blasé, and even my once inspiring yoga sessions are now rather yawn-inspiring. Motivated by the “A New Year = Try New Things” urge, I decided to check out STATION, a new fitness center touting the European-based phenomenon known as the Power Plate.


When I arrived at STATION’s Greenwich Village location, I had no idea what to expect but was thrilled to see not even one tiresome treadmill! In their place were individual platforms called Power Plates that gave out vibrations at the touch of a button.

The instructor, Melysa, explained the first exercise, which was a simple squat – and I nestled into position on the Power Plate. As the vibrations began, I really had to focus on contracting my muscles and stabilizing my positions so that I wouldn’t fall over. The next 25 minutes were filled with a variety of exercises including pushups, bicep curls, and ab crunches that were all extra challenging with the added “umph” of vibrations


After my workout came the sauna. If you’re like me, the sticky mugginess of typical saunas makes you dizzy and even nauseous. STATION’s sauna uses Far-infrared radiant heat, which heats the body but doesn’t raise the temperature of the actual room. Basically, imagine getting all the benefits from natural sunlight – without the surrounding steaminess! An added plus – this sauna’s heat has been said to break up the fat molecules that cause the appearance of cellulite! After my 20-minute sauna-fest – my muscles felt rejuvenated and my body felt hundreds of calories lighter.


In a 45-minute lunch break, you can get a complete atypical workout and sauna treatment that celebs like Madonna, Brad Pitt, and our very own New York Yankees swear by. I have one vision for you – Madonna’s toned triceps. What are you waiting for? Jump on the Power Plate trend and get your own admiration worthy muscles!

For more information please check out: Station Studios is located at 675 Hudson Street, #3N.

Originally published February 2008



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