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By Jasmin Guleria


If the Summer heat wave has you in a ‘stay indoors with the AC cranked up’ kind of mood, indoor workouts like yoga posing, dancing, or even treadmill running may be your best bet to beat the sun’s heat. Below are the latest and greatest products for the indoor yogis, runners, and dancers in each of us.


Yoga For Runners – Whether running indoors or out, we’re all guilty of skimping out on that ever-important, yet often boring, post-run stretch. Keep your stretches interesting by adding Yoga for Runners onto your workout playlist. This 15-minute instructional ipod-friendly audio clip leads you thru a series of simple and easy to follow yoga poses, banishing the boredom of a post-run stretch while promising to loosen muscles and reduce the painful next-day soreness that a hard run can cause.

Search for ‘Yoga for Runners’ at


Yoga Stick-e Socks – 30 minutes into a yoga class, many of us feel a lot less zen and a lot more aggravated at the slip and slide action happening between our feet and yoga mat as we move from pose to pose. Yoga Stick-e Socks has got you covered. These non-slip sweat-absorbing pseudo-socks give you that barefoot feeling, while increasing your ability for better slip-free poses. They also protect you from the nasty germs and bacteria that are most definitely on your yoga mat.

Nab your own pair at


Happy Yoga Mat Wash – There’s more to yoga-hygiene than just your feet. To keep things clean, fresh, and germ-free, wipe it down with Happy Yoga Mat Wash. This organic soap extends the life of a yoga mat while maintaining its non-slip surface and keeping it clean and hygienic by successfully breaking down the sweat and toxins released from the body during a yoga session. Rental mats certainly won’t seem as unappealing with this germ-fighting elixir in tow!

Purchase Happy Yoga Mat Wash at


Nightclub Dance Series DVDs – If dancing at your favorite nightclub is getting boring, your moves may just need a little spicing up. Taught by the backup dancers of Beyonce and Shakira, the Nightclub Dance Series DVDs will teach you fun, trendy, and practical dance moves to use anywhere you go. And the best part is, each DVD comes with a bonus fat burning dance mix to get your booty shaking and your heart pumping!

Visit for more info and get groovin’!


Crispy Cat – Let’s face it, workouts are great and replacing refined sugar with fresh fruit is generally a good idea, but sometimes all you really want is some chocolate! Indulge without derailing your healthy-streak by skipping the typical bars and opting for the more nutritious, yet still crave-worthy, Crispy Cat all-natural candy bars. These bars are 70% organic and covered in antioxidant-happy dark chocolate. As with any candy bar, moderation is key – but vegan friendly Crispy Cat’s are certainly a less guilty pleasure when sugar cravings beckon.

Don’t know where to find these tasty bars? Check out for store locations.

Originally published July 2008



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