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By Kimberly McDonald


When you were 9, brushing (and flossing) 3 times a day was easy, because you had more time. But when you’re all grown up, time is a precious commodity and you consume more teeth-staining beverages like cappuccinos and red wine, so your pearly whites are more prone to discoloration.

The demand for real at-home tooth whitening is at an all time high right now. To meet (and exceed) that demand, the folks at GoSmile have developed an advanced tooth whitening formula called Go Smile Advanced Formula B1. Not only is this system an ‘at home’ system, it is an on-the-go system. B1 is named for the lightest shade on the professional tooth whitening guide, and it’s just perfect for those who are on the lookout for gleaming white teeth and fresh breath. If you are coffee/tea lover, but hate what it’s doing to your smile, then GoSmile B1 just became your best friend.

The new formula is uber powerful, but the real difference in this formula is the new, advanced technology that enables it to stick on the teeth longer and when applied. This actually increases potency! This means faster, superior stain removal. It can be used for natural and artificial tooth surfaces, like crowns or the ever popular porcelain veneers. B1 is recommended twice daily, and clinical studies have shown the product to whiten teeth up to 10 shades lighter in just 7 days!

We tried the stuff, and here’s the report. The new B1 is packaged like regular GoSmile Daily ampoules. The ampoules are small, clear tubes that are hygienically sealed. You flip them out of their cardboard tube, “crush” the tube, and then apply the liquid-gel to your teeth with the spongy tip. (Don’t be embarrassed if you take a few seconds to figure out the mechanics of the packaging; once you realize that you have to ‘crush’ it, you’re on your way). It’s an easy, no mess design.

After you’ve applied the gel to your teeth, you simply discard the empty tube and let the product do its thang. (No eating, no drinking for at least 20 minutes post-application!) The clear gel will give your mouth a tingly, minty sensation. Your teeth will feel clean and stains will be minimized. Additionally, it was easy to get into the habit of using the product, because it is portable and low maintenance. So, if you’ve got a rigorous schedule, adding in a few seconds to apply B1 won’t be a hassle for you.

GoSmile B1 comes in a sleek package with a DVD for instructions. The 10 day supply consists of 20 ampoules and is part of a 3-step program for whitening teeth to the ultimate whitest of whites. The product can be purchased at

Originally published October 2005



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