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By Patricia Wersinger

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It’s common knowledge now that there’s a correlation between good nutrition, health and beauty. Eastern civilizations have depended exclusively on natural simple food supplements found in plants for thousands of years to balance and heal the body. More and more westerners are turning to similar nutrients or alternative remedies to help make up for the deficiencies of their diet and regain control of their health.

In India, one of the most popular spices is Turmeric. It is not just sought out for its amazing flavors but for its health benefits. As an herbal tonic, it supports important blood and liver functions and helps joints to remain strong thanks to its content of curcuminoids, a type of phytonutrients with powerful antioxidant properties. Another important herb is Neem valued for its blood-cleansing properties and its support of the immune system as well as the body’s metabolism. At Organic India you will find capsules of Turmeric and Neem that are 100% organic to help you fight free radicals and stay fit. You can also get herbal support in the form of teas such as Tulsi Green Tea made out of Basil Leaf or Lemon Ginger that help in the fight against free radicals. Check the website for more options and information at

In Asia, lychee is a symbolical fruit of romance, beauty and good luck. As a delicacy it is enjoyed after dinner and sought out for its antioxidant health benefits. Recent research has awarded the lychee fruit the status of “super fruit” because of its high content of polyphenols. These have a direct positive effect on cardiovascular health and help fend off aging. Oligonol has extracted the polyphenols out of the lychee fruit and put them in capsules. It has been clinically tested to demonstrate its efficacy at increasing blood flow throughout the body, help diminish fatigue and improve metabolic syndrome. Available in local health food stores as well as at

Probiotics are routinely recommended by natural medicine experts as a gentle way to help prevent diseases. Indeed they work at balancing out the flora in the intestine and absorb the nutrients in food better thus helping it to fight bacteria and strengthen the immune system. Vidazorb Probiotics provide nutritional support with clinically substantiated strains of Probio-Tec (R) L.acidophilus, LA-5 ®. The Super C formula also contains Masquelier’s OPC, a phyto nutrient, powerful oxidant with cardio vascular benefits. The Vidazorb Daily Age Defense Probiotics formula also helps maintain skin healthy from inside by fighting free radicals. Available at

In today’s world where most food is lacking in important nutrients, supplements provide essential support for our organisms. Learn more about their benefits and the safe and easy way that you can heal yourself of many ailments without harsh synthetic drugs and their side effects. Health, fitness and beauty all work together according to the ancient wisdom of natural medicine.

Originally published May 2013



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