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By Patricia Wersinger


The falling of leaves this season may remind us of our own unique aging process, making us wonder about ways to help keep up our energy and performance levels as we add another candle onto our cake. I’ve searched high and low to find some of the best aids to boost the body’s energy and renewal and help us keep on top of our physical and mental well-being.

Resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol found in the skin, seeds, stem of red wine grapes,as well as Japanese Knotweed, activates the sirtuin gene or “longevity” gene, responsible for slowing down the aging process in the body and preventing diseases. In studies it has been discovered that wine consumption can reduce the risk of some cancers, lower the chance of heart attack and delay dementia. In France, where red wine is consumed at much higher levels than in the United States, the low heart attack rate has been linked to the polyphenol content in wine. Resveratrol is naturally produced by plants to defend against harmful elements in their natural environment.

ResVità le produces Resveratrol by using a unique vine-to-capsule technology. Resvitale 125 mg maintains youthful DNA in your twenties and thirties and defies age with the antioxidant power of 400 glasses of red wine. Resvitale 250 mg is recommended in your thirties and fourties and the dosage is equal to taking 2000 glasses of red wine a day. Resvitale 500 mg is for your fourties and over. Resvitale’s Collagen Enhance consists of capsules containing 1000 mg of Resveratrol to boost energy production in skin cells for fresh, radiant and younger skin. I must say that my skin does look fresh these days and the science facts are there to prove that I am doing something right for my health.


Gaia Herbs creates Resveratrol made with Japanese Knotweed, another plant with a high abundancy of the phytochemical Resveratrol. This product is recommended for people allergic to grapes and grapeseed. The 100% vegetable capsules contain no fillers or binders but only ecologically harvested Japanese Knotweed. Since the phytochemical Resveratrol exists in even higher doses in Japanese Knotweed than in vine grapes, harvesting for Resveratrol implies causing less plant waste for harvesting Resveratrol, an environmental concern dear to all of us health nuts. Gaia Herbs’ Resveratrol 150 provides the Resveratrol content of 60 bottles of red wine in one daily dose.


If you like high impact classes that involve a lot of knee work and leg presses but at the end of class may leave the joints in your knees whimpering try taking Elations Healthier Joints. The little tasty drinks provides 1500 mg of Glucosamine, an amino saccharide and a natural component of joint cartilage and 1200 mg of Chondroitin, naturally found in the body, it will help renew cartilage, give joints more flexibility, mobility and comfort. The product also comes in packaged dosages to which you simply add water. After I started using Elations, I felt my knees less sore and I was able to finish all the jumping jacks in my boxing class.

VitaliTonic is a 100%, non-addictive natural herbal remedy made out of Eleuthero, an herb that supports healthy blood flow to the brain, rosemary, a natural energizer, borage, known to have radical, scavenging compounds and green oats to support sexual vigor. It gives you that little pop to get up and go when you feel sluggish, need to increase stamina and endurance. Native Remedies is known for its traditional remedies garned from thousands of years of wisdom to maintain healthy energy levels without the side effects of synthetic medicine. All products are created by experts in their field and are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Check the website for other remedies for increased energy and stamina at

NutraSea Omega 3 by Ascenta, a natural health company with stringent quality standards, combines Omega 3 Fish Oil, natural Tocopherols (an organic compound rich in Vitamin E), 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 and Green Tea, all essential ingredients for vitality. Omega-3 fatty acids are good necessary fats that contribute to the health of your heart, joints and mind. Vitamin D3 is essential for boosting the immune system. 40% of adults in this country are deficient in Vitamin D especially women because they use sunscreens which limit their exposure to the sun and their natural intake of Vitamin D. If you use a sunscreen daily, you need to replace the loss of Vitamin D by taking a good supplement like this one. Omega 3 Fish Oil is essential for maintaining youthfulness and health.


Try these natural products this fall to enhance your vitality, help conquer your fitness goals, foster your immune system and delay aging. These products have natural ingredients that have no side effects and have major scientific studies backing them. Of course, all of these work best with a healthy diet and a good exercise regimen. Youth is work after your prime but don’t give up, you have a lot of input to keep the balance equal between health, youth and potential.

Originally published November 2010



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