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By Erin Brady

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If you’re like me, the fall is all about change. Change in the weather, changing over your clothes, maybe your hair color, well why not change-up your workout routine? Before the winter hits and you go into hibernation mode, it’s time to get your body in tip-top shape. Enter the latest workout method from the spin masters at FlyWheel Studio, called FlyBarre. If you’ve taken their spin classes you know they aren’t kidding, they are one of the hardest (and yet most fun!) workouts, for both arms and legs. Seeing as I leave each spin class bright red and dripping in sweat, it’s definitely an amazing workout, but not one that I could do each day. So, for those that want something to alternate these rough and tough classes, FlyBarre is a true partner in crime. FlyBarre, done in the same location as FlyWheel (different studio), blends circuit training, yoga, dance, Pilates and strength building into a 60-minute group class. Their small, intense interval exercises, to some of the best music, will elongate muscles and ultimately give you that envious lean, long physique.

For those used to 45-minute classes, this hour long one really does fly by, but that’s not to say it is by any means easy. The intense arm, leg and ab workouts are the real deal, but since the class is open to all levels, beginners to advanced students will be able to keep up. The class begins with a warm up, goes into plank and ab exercises, then upper body, arms and back and it ends with legs and butt. You do get brief breaks to stretch and get some water, which was much appreciated after my arms and thighs were completely burning after each set. For those looking for results, FlyBarre says that within 8 to 12 classes you will see a decrease in body fat, firmer thighs, flatter abs and improved posture to name a few. I can attest that you certainly feel stronger and more toned after just a few classes, definitely a great workout to do before an important event or wedding; you will look and feel great.

Taking these classes three or more times a week is of course, not cheap, but it is comparable to most specialty classes in NYC. However, unlike other studios that do the same routines time and time again, FlyBarre rotates their exercises and switches up the sequencing so you don’t get bored. One unique sequence is their dynamic arms routine that changes approximately every four weeks, so class goers can isolate and target a new group of muscles in a more intense fashion. The sequence is choreographed to a new song each time so you not only learn the routine, and do it to music, but by the time you and your muscles become too comfortable, the sequence changes so you are constantly challenged. For those wondering, will I shed those unwanted pounds with this type of exercise, because the FlyBarre method alternates between exercises that demand intense bursts of energy and deep yogic stretches, the class produces both a caloric burn and leaner muscle mass. Most students who take FlyBarre classes regularly become slimmer and lighter, sometimes within a month. So, there’s really no better time than now to take a leap and try the FlyBarre method for yourself this fall. FlyBarre is currently available in the Flatiron FlyWheel Studio: 39 West 21st St. To book a class or learn more, visit

Originally published November 2011



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