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By Gillian Moore-Nurse


Want to feel better-rested or take more steps each day? Knowing how many hours you sleep and how many steps you normally take is a great starting point so that you can measure progress as you work towards your goals. A Fitbit One is a super-convenient, lightweight, all-in-one device that tracks activities and monitors sleep patterns. The FitBit One is one of the most user-friendly devices I’ve ever encountered. As long as you sign up with Fitbit One’s website and register your product, you are good to go. What’s great is there’s no need to log onto a computer to update or upload your information, the Fitbit One automatically syncs your information wirelessly with a device that plugs into a USB port when you’re within fifteen feet of the device. I like that I can use my smartphone to access the information that was uploaded to the Fitbit website. An added bonus is that the Fitbit uses rechargeable batteries that can be recharged with a charging cable and USB port.

I clip the Fitbit onto my waistband when I’m exercising and also use it to track how many steps I’ve taken or how many stairs I’ve climbed throughout the day. It calculates the distance I’ve travelled and the number of calories burned each day. When I am going to bed, I strap it onto my wrist with the sleep wristband it came with, and it tracks my sleep pattern. I even use the silent wake alarm to get up each day.

I was already using an app called MyFitnessPal to log my food intake when I got the Fitbit, and even though I could switch to Fitbit to log my meals, a happy surprise is Fitbit automatically syncs with MyFitnessPal and other sites such as Lose It, SparkPeople, and HealthVault.

One thing to note is the Fitbit counts stairs by floors rather than individual stairs. I was dismayed when the Fitbit One calculated significantly less calories burned during a run than my treadmill indicated. For the longest time, I thought I was burning over 900 calories in an hour running on the treadmill, but the FitBit One says that I’ve only burned around 650 calories. There goes those Vanilla Oreos that I was planning on eating after my workout! The Fitbit One has a “flower” that grows every time you are active, and if the flower doesn’t grow, you need to get up and GET MOVING! My Fitbit One and I are inseparable, and I highly recommend it as the One for you too.

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Originally published April 2013



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