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By Stephanie Ila Silver-Silberstein


You may love Santa but that doesn’t mean you want to look like him! One way to stop that expanding waistline in its tracks and ensure you’ll fit into all of your holiday party dresses this month is to get into the zone. The Zone Delivery USA system is now available in New York and LA.


If you’re like me, you don’t have the time (or the talent) to cook tasty but healthy meals, and you’re tired of eating the same thing day in and day out to keep those pesky extra pounds off. I thought that taking a cue from Oprah and having someone else do the cooking would be a logical step in the right direction when beginning a diet. But New York City makes it way too easy to get huge portions of my favorite ethnic cuisine delivered right to my doorstep in a moment’s

One alternative could be to stock up on Weight Watcher’s frozen dinners, but I knew it’d be about a week before I started bee-lining for the candy stand while waiting for the 6 train to arrive. If I want to lose any significant amount of weight, it always seems like my only option is to starve myself for 2 weeks, look great for about one week and then watch as my jeans get tighter and tighter as the days roll on.

That doesn’t have to be the case, dear readers. All my diet obstacles were pleasantly banished with one phone call to Zone Delivery USA.


Each night, I put the empty cooler bag outside my door and each morning I discover it stuffed with 3 delicious (and filling) meals and 2 snacks. Unlike other delivery services that force you to pay top dollar for customized meal plans and frequent delivery of fresh food, Zone Delivery USA charges very reasonable fees for daily delivery of your favorite foods. By taking an inventory of your culinary likes and dislikes, the service avoids giving you foods you’d hate while also broadening your palate so your taste buds never get bored. A Zone-certified chef and nutritionist, who adheres to the Zone philosophy (40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat) prepares each meal.

Meals proportioned in this manner keep your energy levels up, blood sugar levels balanced, and metabolism working efficiently. The website offers more valuable information on healthy dieting. A typical day may include a substantial bowl of oatmeal with nuts and fruit for breakfast, a Cajun chicken wrap with a chick pea salad on the side for lunch, a chocolate zone bar to snack on, skewered shrimp on a bed of rice for dinner and a nice piece of cheesecake for dessert. Not only are the portions filling, but the food is restaurant quality delicious – not at all like what you’d find in the frozen food section of the supermarket. Mike and Matt Naples started this company with a commitment to giving personalized service and high quality food. They have more than kept up their end of the bargain.


The Zone diet is a ‘way of life’ diet that can help you maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle as well as your ideal weight for as long as you care to be on it. It may have taken more than a week, but those 5 pounds eventually did come off and they’ve stayed off. There’s no measuring, no guilt, and no preparation required – unless of course, you find microwaving to be a challenge.

Financially, it costs just enough that you’ll stick with it and not buy extra food (not that you’ll have to) and yet, it’s probably close to the amount you’re spending on food already so you won’t feel as though you’re breaking the bank. With my bulky winter clothes making their way back into my wardrobe and the holiday season well under way, it’s a slippery slope into ‘overweight-ville’ and onto the naughty side of Santa’s list. But this year, with one quick phone call, you can enter the zone and leave the fat clothes to good old Saint Nick.

For more information on Zone Delivery USA, visit or call (631) 286-0759.

Originally published December 2006
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