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By Jasmin Guleria


This holiday season, opt to buy health and fitness oriented gifts for your friends and family. The ones who already have the fitness bug will appreciate the thoughtful and usable gift, and those who are less fitness-oriented may just get the motivation they need to get off the couch and start moving!

Below are 12 great gifts that will make anyone get into the fitness spirit!

Nike Winter Training Vest

Winter months can make even the most avid runner falter and opt to stay indoors blaming the cold for their lack of activity. By giving them Nike’s latest wind and water resistant winter training vest – the excuses will cease to exist. The vest comes in black or violet and has a drawcord waist to help keep the cold out. The vest is fitted to show off your curves in a sexy way while making sure not to restrict your range of motion. This is Nike’s latest winter fashion and will make a great gift for out-door runners everywhere.

Nike Shox Turb Oh


Staying with the idea of running – what better way to get even the laziest person off the couch than with the latest style of sneakers? Nike has come out with the Nike Shox Turb Oh – this newly designed running shoe allows even more flexibility and breathability for the feet – plus the bright color of the shox absorbers under the heel certainly makes a bold fashion statement!

Super Sexy Sports Wear


Victoria’s Secret is typically known for its sexy bras and underwear – yet lo and behold! The famous lingerie company actually has (gasp!)clothes as well! VS’s sports-line is fun, flirty, and will look just as sexy as the underwear you have underneath it. Their crop belted yoga pant paired with the oh-so-trendy keyhole-back bra top is perfect for a yoga class or the gym. Pair this outfit with a gift certificate to a local yoga studio and your gift giving expertise will be the talk of your social circle.

Timex Women’s Watch


One of the current best-selling sports watch is the IronMan Triathlon Sleek 50-Lap Timex Women’s Watch. The look is not only super stylish, but is also technical enough for all athletes. This is a great gift for a swimmer, runner, or biker.

Puma Cuff Pouch

Just about every trend-savvy woman has some form of mp3 player. The Puma Cuff pouch is an accessory for this accessory. Available in red or whisper white, this trendy wristband pouch has a drawstring which allows just about any size mp3 player or cell phone to comfortably fit inside. Your running fiend of a friend will love adding some style to her gear with this chic gift!

Nike+ Ipod Sport Kit


As a runner, it can be quite unnerving to have to guess the number of miles run or calories burned during a particular workout. The tech-savvy people at Apple and the sport gods at Nike have paired up to create the Ipod Sport Kit, which contains a sensor that is placed into a Nike+ sneaker. The sensor calculates the speed, distance, time, and number of calories a person has burned during their run. This information is sent to the Ipod Nano and reiterated to the runner via audio feedback. For your more competitive friends, there are options to set goals and challenges using the sensor and Ipod Nano software! This is a great gift for anyone who’s into new technology, fitness, or both! One word of caution: buying just the sports kit is such a tease because they won’t be able to use it without the Nike+ sneakers and Nano. Unless your friend is a running fanatic who you know will definitely splurge for the required additional accessories, I would recommend either buying all 3 items or splitting the costs with a mutual friend.

Protein Bakery

Everyone needs to indulge at times – especially around the holidays! This year, instead of buying the typical nutrition-lacking gift basket, opt for the wheat-free protein-packed goodies available from the Protein Bakery. Just to give you a comparison, a brownie from The Protein Bakery has 11 grams of protein whereas a Starbucks Espresso Brownie has only 4 grams! The tastes are similar but the addition of whey protein and rolled oats in the Protein Bakery’s brownie make it a more nutritional indulgence. It’s important to note however, that these are still indulgences!! The calorie and fat content of the sweets are the same as other baked goods – but since the protein is higher and the taste is better, it’s a much less guilty pleasure. Featured on Oprah’s ‘O List’, this on-line bakery allows you to submit orders thru their website and delivers the sweets to your destination of choice fast and fresh! They also offer a variety of packaging options including silver cookie pails which are perfect for gift-giving.
For more information or to submit an order, go to:

Chelsea Piers Gift Certificate

If your recipient of choice lives in the Manhattan area, why not motivate them to move by giving them the option of rock climbing, ice skating, or golf (to name a few)? Chelsea Piers, a massive activity center located on the west side of Manhattan, offers gift cards available in any denomination. Even the laziest friend will find something fun to do here and who knows? They may even find a long-lasting healthy hobby! For more information on Chelsea Piers and their gift cards, go to:

Sigg Water


It’s the one chemistry compounds we all remember, and the one nutrient most of the population is not getting enough of! The innovators at Sigg Switzerland are attempting to revive the act of water drinking with their eco-friendly uber-chic water bottles. Get one for a friend who swears by sugary sodas and fattening lattes – her skin will thank you. Don’t forget to mention that water is quickly becoming a fashion trend amongst celebrities- both Madonna and Paris Hilton swear by the Sigg line! According to fashionistas everywhere, soda bottles are so last decade! For more information on Sigg, go to:

Fitness DVDs (by Stefanie Schwalb)

Hoopnotica is the latest fitness trend that uses the timeless childhood activity of hula-hooping as a way to trim your waistline! Hoopnotic hoopdance involves spinning an adult sized hoop rhythmically around the body – it is part dance, part exercise, and part play. This workout will not only strengthen your core but will reduce stress by taking you back in time to the days where jobs, bills, and other adult responsibilities ceased to exist! A gift like this will at the very least spark some interest in your recipient – plus think how fun it will be to try to figure out how to wrap it! Hoopnotic hoops and dvds are sold online at:

For naughty party girls who want to get pumped, they can get down to some hot dance music with Zumba. The hot Latin movements in this exercise routine include steps from salsas, meringues, sambas and more, which can help you get a handle on elevating your heart rate. It also teaches you some basic grooves that will make you look sensational at every event you swing by this season.

Of course, we’ve also got the goods to get our good girls on-the-go. Cy-yo
cycling yoga, was designed to unite mind, body and spirit. It’s a new holistic cardio workout that takes aims at revitalizing the body’s energy centers. It’s a one-hour class that combines spinning and yoga with warm-ups and cool downs to make it all click. It also takes into account proper breathing orientations to make sure all charkas stay in sync.


For a sweet and sexy pair of shoes, give her a pair of comfy silver or white MaryJane sneakers! These sneakers can be found at the Victoria Secret’s website:


Originally published December 2006



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