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By Annisha Mohammed


The annoying afternoon calling from the hunger inside is forcing you to leave your desk, grab $1 from your wallet and pay a visit the unfriendly vending machine, grunting all the way about why the chicken salad at lunch never holds you over until dinnertime. Lightfull Foods’ Satiety Smoothie attempts to provide satisfying answers.

After extensive scientific research, the theory of satiety becomes the heart of this product and is vital to its appeal. Satiety, the feeling caused by chemicals in the brain that alerts the body to the sensation of being full, is the basis of the composition of this drink. In addition to how much food is ingested, recent discoveries have attributed satiety to the kinds of foods consumed in order to reach this point of satisfaction. Making the idea of “intelligent weight management” their marquee, Lightfull Foods has introduced its 90-calorie dietary supplement that is their “surprisingly filling snack.”

lightfull-satiety-smoothie-chocolate-fudge2.jpg lightfull-satiety-smoothie-strawberries-cream2.jpg

With the market already saturated with diet shakes like Slim Fast and Weight Watchers, why shelve another? The diet industry has recently seen a surge of research dollars invested in supplements and, with the obesity crisis in America, this is not due to slow down. Co-founders Lara Jackie and Lynn Graham of Southern California brought satiety into fruition by combining 6 grams of fiber and protein into this snack pack that is conveniently packaged for the on-the-go movers, as illustrated by the woman juggling her life on the front of the box. What makes it go the extra mile is its 155 grams of Green Tea extracts which has a health buzz of boosting metabolism.

Available in four flavors including Café Latte, Peaches & Cream, Chocolate Fudge and Strawberries & Cream, these energy boosters can prove to be that afternoon pick-me-up. Sip cold and fast – with 12 grams of sugar, it is bound to result in a boost. LightFull Satiety Smoothies are available at Bay Area Whole Foods, Bi-Rite Market, Staff of Life in Santa Cruz, as well as at select health and fitness clubs such as Equinox and the Bay Club. For more information, visit

Originally published September 2006



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