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By Jasmin Guleria


In a typical day, we find countless options of what to eat and what to drink. What is healthy…what tastes great or what we crave…? Going into a supermarket and contemplating different types of ‘whole-wheat’ breads and protein bars can leave us confused and leery, scared to bite into anything lest we derail our diet or lifestyle unintentionally. The biggest dilemma can be something as simple as water. Yes water, the life sustaining drink that comes out of your faucet is being sold in different flavors and with different promises ranging from weight-loss to all-over health and youth.


BN decided to take the guess work out for you and test several new waters that have hit the waves – read on to check out which bottles you should keep on guzzling and which you should leave alone.

Water “Dos”


Hint Water – Their mantra is “drink water not sugar” Sometimes we want a little something extra in our water. That’s what Hint Water is all about. Each bottle is infused with a touch of flavor such as: Hibiscus Vanilla, Blackberry and Honeydew Hibiscus. Since Hint is free from any sweeteners it’s perfect for those of us who are avoiding sugar. My favs Pomegranate -Tangerine and Mango -Grapefruit

BN Rating – Feeling fresh and clean – drink up!


Icelandic Glacial – All the way from Iceland, this water claims to be chock-full of minerals we seem to never get enough of like magnesium and calcium. Labeled as the “first super -premium spring water aka-the purest water in the world”, Icelandic Glacial is as close to clean as you can get.

BN Rating: Drink up!


SmartWater – Electrolyte enhanced SmartWater is the cousin to Glaceau’s Vitaminwater but on the other side of the family. This water literally has zero calories count and taste clean as a whistle. The electrolytes boost you after a sweaty work out putting you back in balance.
It’s a fave among Yogis so it must be good

BN Rating – it’s the Smarterwater from the Glaceau Family

Water “Don’ts”


Trimwater – This “Lifestyle “beverage was created to be a low sugar, low calorie alternative to water. The facts: Although Trimwater touts a 10 calories per serving total, some of those cals are coming from the chromium and caffeine contained in the drink. Diet tasting drinks are usually a turn off and this one is no different.

BN Review: “Its has a diet aftertaste that sticks with you. Skip it.


Vitamin Water – Glaceau has branded several types but none more popular than Vitamin Water. Many flavors have been introduced. One being, ‘Power C’ packed with Vitamin C and mineral Taurine for strength. Good stuff certainly. But with a hefty 50 calories a bottle and a whopping 10-15 grams of sugar, you may as well be eating junk food.

BN Review: Sugar Water does not a healthy drinker maker. Pass.


NutriSoda – Sometimes you may want a little fizz in your waters. That’s where Nutrisoda comes in. Enhanced with nutrients and marketed with names like ‘Immune’, and ‘Radiant’, at first glance this may seem like the soda-lovers’ secret dieting weapon. The facts: Although it’s enhanced with nutrients and ranges from 0-15 calories, we’re skeptical about anything labeled ‘soda’.

BN Review: “Soda is soda no matter how you drink it. For those addicted to diet soda this is by far a better option. Otherwise it’s like Mom said, “No Soda”

Jessica Monty, NYC based nutritionist and holistic health counselor took a peak at some of the ingredients and gave me a simple solution to keeping the excess weight of. “Drink local clean water.” I happen to be in agreement. Water is best clean and sugar-free – the way it was intended.

Originally published June 2008



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