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By Stephanie Ila Silver-Silberstein

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I was watching the episode of “Sex and the City” where Miranda says, “I’m looking for a book with a title like “How to Lose That Baby Weight by Sitting on Your Ass.” Now, while I don’t condone an exercise-free lifestyle, something about that title got me thinking – is there a lazy approach to losing weight? Well, after speaking with Laurice Rahme of the famous fragrance company, Bond No9, I’ve discovered the answer is an astounding yes! All you need to use is your nose.

It is hardly surprising to hear that when you feel good, you look good. When you have various sources of happiness in your life, you are less likely to compensate for unhappiness by consuming large quantities of unhealthy food. When you are relaxed, energized, and indulged in other things in your life beside food, you tend to eat less. However, what if you are as happy as a clam but still unable to rid yourself of those last few pounds? Here’s where your olfactory sense comes in.

A ‘comfort fragrance’ can have the same effect as a comfort food – but without the calories. By wearing ‘gourmand’ fragrances – those made with edible notes like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and caramel, your craving for sweets could be satisfied. Bond No. 9’s fragrance, New Haarlem was originally made for men and incorporated notes of musk, coffee and vanilla, but it is now a very popular fragrance for women as well. Nuits de Noho, with hints of jasmine, vanilla and patchouli, can be an excellent substitute for the most caloric of desserts! In addition, So New York, inspired by the Big Apple staple, Starbucks, is even more low fat than a ‘skinny frappuccino’. More tips can be found in Scent-sational Weight Loss by Dr. Alan Hirsch. You can find this informative book on or in Bond No. 9’s personal library.

By using fragrances as your aroma-therapist, you can wake up, eat less, relax, neutralize any bad odors, and maybe even stop smoking. Start your day with an energizing, effervescent fragrance like the unisex New York Fling or Eau de New York, both of which are in the ‘sparkling fragrance’ family. For someone who wants a lighter, subtler fragrance, the mimosa flower found in Fashion Avenue creates a refreshing, light, delicate effect and is almost undetectable. Are you trying to neutralize an unpleasant smell or jonesing for a cup of coffee in the morning? A fragrance with citrus ingredients like mandarin and lime can have a cleansing, antiseptic effect while refreshing you as a tall cold glass of orange juice would.

You can also begin your day with a light and crisp eau de perfume of Chelsea Flowers and let the peonies uplift you. This fragrance should last about five or six hours at which point you can get ready for that cocktail party and layer with another floral-based fragrance like Broadway Nite. This fragrance is richer in color (more of a cognac than a Riesling) and made up of roses, violet and vanilla. For a hot date, try Great Jones, comprised of tobacco and leather notes. It’ll make a guy feel like a sexy Marlboro man without the nicotine, and a trendy young woman feel seductive and alluring, by running the fragrance through her hair. But if a night on the town is not part of the plan, relax with a fragrance likePark Avenue. The mix of chamomile and paper white flowers will relax you in the most discreet way.

Whether you are using a concentrated perfume, an eau de perfume or a light eau de toilette, using fragrances to evoke positive emotions is a healthy and satisfying path to happiness. So go ahead and open that bottle of perfume you got for Christmas three years ago (the shelf life of most fragrances); by doing so, you just may open your eyes, or rather your nose, to a whole new you.
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Originally published February 2006



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