• ***Warning*** Adult content. Inappropriate for readers under 18 Ok, prudes. I know you’ve all seen “The Rabbit” episode of Sex and the City, and yet the subject of vibrators causes a reversion to adolescent giggles and conversations that would make even the most timid bride bored to tears. Don’t even start with the words, “A <... >

  • There’s an art to being the perfect hostess. Hopefully, you’re more Martha Stewart than the grandmother in “Flowers in the Attic”. But since there are enough glossy paged books out there teaching you how to fold your napkins into swans and make smiley faced pancakes, I figured, this month, I’d transform myself into a modern-day <... >

  • spinach_rgb
  • If you’ve ever come face to face with the relative horror of a large green spinach leaf wedged ever so awkwardly between your friend’s two professionally whitened and otherwise flawless teeth, then you’re well aware of the precarious sociological situation taking form. Even the most delicately delivered, “You know I love you but… you’ve got <... >

  • PoorPosture
  • “Sit up straight!” This all too familiar line, heard by millions of adolescents by their nagging mothers, causes one to have a knee-jerk, or actually, ‘back-jerk’ reaction that may actually do more harm than good. Contrary to popular belief, having good posture does not mean sticking one’s back, chest and buttocks out like a peacock. <... >

  • RING
  • Ever since getting engaged last May, I’ve been waiting to write this mega-article on my wedding – the be all, end all of wedding articles, detailing every aspect of this most anticipated event (at least by me) from start to finish. I’m proud (and exhausted) when I say that it truly was my dream wedding <... >

  • 2ERLczN05
  • Sounds easy enough, right? Maybe even effortless if you consider yourself a genuinely nice person and you truly love the person you’re happy for, right? Hmmmm. Perhaps. But in New York City, competition can be fierce and expectations of oneself, however unrealistic, can still be disappointing when not met. In a city of overachievers, it <... >

  • It was the 1988 Olympics, and I couldn’t watch Brian Boitano skate because I had a book report due for Mrs. Schimmels 6th grade class. In 1993, I missed the final episode of Cheers because I had a term paper due for Mrs. Hirshfeld’s 11th grade English class. Upon such instances, I longed for a <... >

  • bond4
  • I was watching the episode of “Sex and the City” where Miranda says, “I’m looking for a book with a title like “How to Lose That Baby Weight by Sitting on Your Ass.” Now, while I don’t condone an exercise-free lifestyle, something about that title got me thinking – is there a lazy approach to <... >

  • abagail_purses
  • I’m so glad it’s January. I spent much of December dodging tourists and huge shopping bags. The Burberry pattern came charging at me at 10 miles an hour. The famous Tiffany blue was spotted on bags from at least five blocks away. I discovered the true meaning of understatement in the ‘Big Brown Bag’ hitting <... >

  • CHANEL1Stephanie X-ma Spectacular_0103
  • ‘Tis the season to look Christmas Spectactular!! Jennifer McCamish, resident make-up artist/trainer for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, gives us some quick tips to get that Christmas glow without Chris Cringle cheeks! I interviewed Jennifer as she showed the beautiful Monique Brantley how to get her fabulous face to sparkle like the brightest lights <... >

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