By Stephanie Ila Silver-Silberstein


Jen is the ultimate “it’ girl. She’s smart. She’s funny. She’s gorgeous. She’s got a fantastic job, fantastic friends and a closet packed with the latest styles. Jen is in a relationship with an equally fabulous guy…his name is Mark. But Jen has a couple of little secrets she’d like to keep from Mark; and secrets are never good for any couple, right? Let’s see if we can help save Jen’s relationship before these embarrassing deal-breakers take their toll.


Secret #1 – Jen gets a visit from Aunt Flo. This may seem more like a fact of life than a secret, but regardless, for Jen, that time of the month has become more than just inconvenient; it’s become costly. On some days, a tampon is simply not absorbent enough and we can all agree that a panty liner isn’t the sexiest accessory for lingerie. Jen can protect her favorite pants from demise by wearing My LACYS (which has a built-in liner) for when Aunt Flo makes a surprise visit. Or she can make sure to have a supply on hand of the miracle stain remover Laundry Spa. The ingredients are 100% safe, natural and biodegradable, and it really works. So don’t fret Jen! You didn’t ruin your favorite pair of white jeans (not to mention Mark’s mattress).


Secret #2 -Jen sometimes gets that ‘not so fresh feeling’. We’ve all heard that douching is no longer the safest route to feeling clean and fresh below the waist. But what’s an alternative? When Jen’s in the mood for going commando, she uses Nundies, a disposable panty that adheres to the inseam of women’s pants. She could also try Shobha’s Freshening Cloths. Packed in a lightweight container, these disposable wipes are safe to use in the bikini region and can do wonders for lessening any insecurity (Of course, if the problem persists, it could be something you need to speak with your doctor). Be sure to check out Shobha’s website for other ‘intimate grooming’ products and to make appointments for expert threading and sugaring at one of their three locations (Soho, 57th & Madison and Columbus Circle). Another option is the OnGossamer line of fashionable panties. Its wick-stop™ liner technology absorbs everyday spotting stains, traps moisture, and keeps anything from appearing on the other side. The luxury liner also boasts an anti-microbial agent for odor control so Jen feels confident when her cutie gets frisky.


Secret #3 -Jen feels like a Sasquatch. To prolong her next painful waxing appointment, Jen could try going to spas that offer the Epilar System. By massaging the 2 gels into the skin immediately after a waxing, re-growth of hair is decreased by 20%. Visit NYC’s Body Essentials Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Spa or LA’s Murad Medical Spa to try it out. But her hair issues don’t stop there. Her sweetie doesn’t samba Jen’s Brazilian (darn those ingrown hairs and razor bumps). She can nip those little suckers in the bud by enlisting the help of In Fiore’s Bikini Balm or Tend Skin, And if she wants to increase either product’s effectiveness, she can try them in conjunction with Shobha’s machine washable Exfoliating Cloth. Sergio Mendes, anyone?


Secret #4 – Jen has stretch marks (aka roadmaps on her thighs and booty). Ha! No one told her that cellulite and stretch marks are hereditary or can plague even the lean figures. Sadly, Jen has been sporting hers since Junior High School! Lucky for her, there’s Boots Botanics Body Sculpting Cream and Botanics Stretchmark Corrector. By massaging these hydrating creams into the skin, elasticity and firmness are maintained, leaving skin toned and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. And in the meantime, these creams will definitely moisturize her skin to silky smoothness!


Secret #5 – Jen sweats. Practicing Pilates and Yoga, training for the marathon, our girl leads an active lifestyle. Despite that post-exercise glow (and a healthy dose of deodorant), Jenoften arrives to her beau’s abode straight from her jog in less than sweat smelling condition. The lycra tank and work-out pants she wears may make her body look great, but bacteria lingers in lycra and that causes body odor that doesn’t whisper sexy like her usual perfume.. What she needs is some seaweed! And no, we’re not talking sushi! Seaweed has long been used in the spa lifestyle for its beneficial effects on the skin. The super-comfortable Adea’s SeaCell collection is made from a blend of cotton, elastane and SeaCell, a patented fiber from seaweed. Jen’s natural body moisture will help release seaweed’s nutritional minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin A and E, cartinoid and amino acids to promote skin renewal. In addition, because the fabric contains silver, the porous SeaCell fibers help neutralize odors and wick sweat. But don’t nix your deodorant entirely, Jen! – simply use some Gal Pals to wipe out those annoying deodorant streaks!

Jen may have a few more secrets up her Chloe sleeves, most of which can be corrected with spa services (fanny facial and colonics anyone?) and over-the-counter products. But some issues are best treated by your physician. That being said, luxury spa products can do wonders for your skin, your appearance and confidence level!

Originally published September 2007



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[…] An “It” Girl’s Most Embarrassing Feminine Issues & The SpaBut her hair issues don’t stop there. Her sweetie doesn’t samba Jen’s Brazilian (darn those ingrown hairs and razor bumps). … But some issues are best treated by your physician. That being said, luxury spa products can do wonders for your skin, your appearance and confidence level! […]

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