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By Stef Schwalb


Recently I’ve been trying my best to live a healthier lifestyle – doing yoga, eating better, trying more products for my skin and hair that are derived from less synthetic means. So it seemed like kismet had crossed my path on the day I discovered celeb stylist Robert Hallowell’s line Prawduct. Known in the industry as the “kitchen beautician,” due to his knack for developing special tress treats using ingredients from his clients’ cup boards, Robert has worked his magic on some big-name manes who continually turn to him for hair help on set and in reality. Lucy Liu, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Gina Davis are just a partial list of his Hollywood leading ladies. In fact the genesis of line came about while he was at work.

“I was with Geena Davis on a long film project,” says Robert. “And I was using all of the best hair care items around, but her hair was breaking and my hands were splitting. So it made me really look at what was in these items. I have always been interested in diet and nutrition, so I put two and two together and starting mixing up things myself in my kitchen. I found that food-based natural items are very effective.” After he began brewing up beauty, Robert tried the products on himself. Then he passed them out to his celebrity clients – and they loved them. The Prawduct line consists of the Shine Booster Shampoo and Conditioner, the Super Volumizing Tonic, the Dream Cream, the Rawhold Hairspray and Gel, the Flat Factor, and Love that Shine Treatment Elixir, Shine Spray and Shine Drops. Each of the 10 products targets a specific need for the hair. “They are also formulated to work together,” says Robert. “Everything can be layered or mixed into what I call a hair cocktail.” They incorporate a Honey Fruit Complex (essences of fruits such as apples, oranges, lemons and more to offer antioxidant protection, seal the cuticle and provide pH balance) and an Herb Garden Complex (consisting of rosemary, chamomile and basil, among others, to reinvigorate and stimulate the scalp while volumizing the strands). The combination provides tresses tremendous shine and conditioning too.

Within his creative process, Robert does a lot of research into what’s new in healthy foods and ingredients. “The most recent item I have found is Manuka honey and Manuka oil,” says Robert. “Manuka is a type of plant only found in New Zealand. What is special about the honey is that it has antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties, which is great for any scalp problem – even dandruff.” To energize the Shine Booster Shampoo and Conditioner, Robert recently added Manuka with grapefruit oil (a natural preservative) and basil (a wonderful scalp stimulant that helps promote healthy hair growth). “I hand-picked all the items,” Robert says, “and I worked very closely with my lab during the formulation phase.”

And speaking of formulating things, the two items Robert revealed to us that are always available in his kitchen? Honey and avocado oil. “They are the best,” says Robert. “Honey is a concentrated super food, full of minerals, with sugars that are plumpers and moisturizers. Avocado has the smallest penetrating molecule that can enter the hair shaft, and it rinses out easily. I use them both. Just a dollop of each on damp hair. Work it thru and then sleep with it on a towel. When you get up, rinse your hair and it will feel like silk with loads of shine. Another great item is baking soda. A tablespoon mixed with shampoo will take off all of the gunk from any heavy oil-based or lacquer sprays on your hair, and it gets you ready for the treatment above. I do this weekly when I work with celebrities.” Items in the line range in price from $10.00 to $15.00. For more information on Prawduct and Robert Hallowell, log on to

Originally published August 2006



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