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BN: Hi Julie, We at BN are great fans of your line. Can you tell us a bit about how you got your start as a makeup artist in Hollywood?
JH: I started out in fashion design and so I was asked by the photographers if I could do make up for their shoots. I soon found out that painting faces was my art and my passion.

BN: In ten words or less, what’s your beauty philosophy?
JH: Quality, multi tasking products that enable you to look good in 5 minutes.

Julie Hewitt Coco Noir Lipstick

BN: Do you have beauty signature?
JH: Yes I do – it’s the red lipsticks, a gorgeous red mouth with dewy, shimmery eyes.

BN: There are so many cosmetics lines out there. What inspired you to start your own?
JH: While working on the on set of Pearl Harbor, I couldn’t find rich enough reds and I thought I could do better. The inspiration for the line came from filling in necessary products on sets when I couldn’t find them in another line.

BN: What differentiates Julie Hewett from other niche beauty brands (or mega beauty brands, for that matter?)
JH: The products were created on set, one product at a time, and critiqued by actresses in the makeup trailer.

Julie Hewitt’s Boudoir Palette

BN: For those who have yet to discover the Julie Hewett line, what two or three key products would you recommend they try first?
JH: Definitely try the red lipsticks because I believe there is a red for everyone. Camellia Balm which is unique because it heals, not masks, chapped lips and skin (there’s camellia oil in all my lipsticks). I would also recommend my palettes (like Mandy or Boudoir) as must haves in a girls beauty arsenal.

BN: The Julie Hewett line is sold in several great beauty boutiques, but do you plan to expand to department stores or mass beauty retailers like Sephora or Ulta in the future? Why or why not?
JH: Yes, however I want to keep the quality and the simplicity of a boutique beauty brand.

BN: Lastly, do you have any product recommendations to share with BN readers?
JH: Yes I love skincare products! I highly recommend Leaf & Rusher, well thought out and simple skin products created by Dr. Norman Leaf and Rand Rusher. I use them on all my clients it helps create a great canvas for me to paint on. Their TX Active Serum is amazing.

Julie Hewitt products are available at MioMia, 318 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, 718.388.0149 or via

Originally published March 2008



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