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By Erin Brady


Pure Protein

Need a boost of protein after a workout or to stay full through a long morning at work? Well, in flavors like Cooke Dough, Chocolate Peanut Better and Chocolate Cherry Almond, LUNA protein delivers, and satisfies your sweet tooth! These bars contain all-natural and organic ingredients, have 12g protein, 3g fiber, are under 200 calories and have nutrients women need (like folic acid, calcium, iron and vitamin D). The bars are chocolatey-covered with a nougat texture and are decadent, totally delicious and yet still good for you! I may write about a lot of new energy/granola bars, my sister even says I’m a bar-addict, but these simply cannot be missed! Available in grocery stores and health food stores nationwide, visit to learn more!

Watch Me Now

My new race buddy is the Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap watch with TapScreen Technology. It’s not only sleek, chic and comes in cool purple and light blue colors, but it has seriously innovative technology that allows you to improve performance by focusing less on adjusting your watch during workouts. The TapScreen Technology allows you to easily activate the lap feature just by tapping on the watch’s face. The Target Time Pacer delivers alerts to indicate if you are on pace, slow, fast, etc to allow you to adjust your speed if training for an upcoming race. The 16-interval timers are labeled with names like warm, slow, med, fast and cool, making complex interval workouts automatic and effortless. You can also store up to three separate interval workouts at once. Other unique features include a comfortable, lined strap, three alarms, dual time zone abilities and a night mode feature. This watch will surely be your new running or summer workout BFF, I guarantee it! For more information and to purchase the Timex Ironman Sleek Watch, visit

Get Protected

Blackberry may be a term even my 4-year old cousin knows, but I still haven’t given in to the technology just yet, and recent reports from Pong Research say that may be a good thing! Pong has developed a snazzy blackberry case that is said to reduce the users exposure to radiation by over 60%, as verified by FCC-certified laboratories in independent testing. This is definitely the savviest case I’ve ever heard of as it contains proprietary technology that redirects cell phone radiation away from your head. The Pong case research merges breakthrough technology with contemporary industrial design. Not to worry, your phone will still work properly as the Pong case does not affect signal strength or battery life. Cell phone radiation may be a new thing to you, or it may be something you’ve read about and have since decreased your talk time, but either way, its definitely worth considering a night or weekend without your cell phone. Hey, if it’s as simple as switching your phone case as a precaution to stay healthy, I’d definitely be game for that…that is once I succumb to the peer pressure of actually getting a blackberry. For more information or to purchase a Pong case, visit

Laughing Your Way Lighter

Another favorite snack of mine is cheese, which is not always the healthiest option…that is unless you know about Laughing Cow Light cheeses, a personal favorite of mine for years. Their creamy, satisfying cheese wedges are great on crackers, veggie burgers, with eggs and so on and they come individually wrapped to ensure proper portion control and freshness. Well, lucky for all you Laughing Cow fans out there, this month they are introducing three new flavors! Queso Fresco & Chipotle that has real queso fresco and chipotle peppers and adds a tasty kick to your snack; Blue Cheese that has all the flavor of the more fattening cheese in a flavorful bite; and Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil that has rich mozzarella infused with sun-dried tomatoes and a hit of basil for a mouth-watering combo. Available in grocery stores. Visit for more information.

Originally published May 2010



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