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By Christopher Kennedy


Running With The Pack


I love gadgets, even ones that ultimately don’t provide much in the way of useful information, but that can’t be said about the Nike+ SportBand. Designed to work with Nike+ running shoes (which carry a sensor under the insole) it fits around your wrist like a watch and tracks your distance, pace, time and calories burned while you run.

The removable Nike+ Link can be popped into your computer’s USB port and stores 16 hours of running info. Use it to review your last run, weekly runs, and your total Nike+ miles. You can also connect with, where you can see your progress, set and track goals, challenge others and much more. Sensor is included. As a bonus, you can use your Nike+ SportBand as a watch when it’s not recording a workout. Retails for $59.

Zen And The Art Of Shaving

Bliss has bottled a barbershop experience with a luxuriously textured shaving cream that warms upon contact with wet skin, lifting and softening hair for a close, comfortable shave. This friction-free guys glide is packed with essential oils that stimulate beta-endorphins for the ultimate ‘shaver’s high’. Ingredients include aloe vera – helps water penetrate deeper layers of skin, to aid in cell reproduction and natural detoxification; sweet almond extract – forms light film on skin to calm and soothe; and st. john’s wort – encourages healing and helps calm irritation.

The Bliss post-shave repair lotion is an oil-free, lightweight lotion, complete with a redness relief formula that soothes just-shaved skin without bringing back your adolescent complexion. The post-shave repair lotion also minimizes 5 o’clock Shadow and helps prevent ingrown hairs so that you can put your best beard-free face forward. Both products retail for $18.

A Whiter Smile Leads To A Wider Smile

Getting whiter teeth is easy with Crest Whitestrips Premium teeth whitening system. Each strip contains the same enamel-safe ingredient dentists use, and is designed to hold the whitening ingredient against your teeth to get at the stains beneath the surface of enamel. Brushing with ordinary whitening toothpaste only cleans away surface stains.

This is one of the rare occasions where a product’s results live up to the hype, as after only a week you’ll see a dramatic difference in your smile. Crest Whitestrips is dentist-recommended. A box includes 28 strips (14 upper and 14 lower) and retails for $25 – $30.

Easy On The Eyes

Hylexin has been shown to help reduce hemoglobin degradation byproducts by optimizing enzymatic activity, reducing the appearance of deep discoloration and red-blue pigmentation under the orbital eye area…or in plain English: It helps reduce dark circles under the eyes.

The dark circles are a result of small capillaries, which deposit blood around your sensitive eye area. The blood turns deep purple and you end up looking like you just went 6 rounds with Tyson. In addition to reducing the appearance of discoloration, Hylexin actually helps strengthen the capillary matrix to help stop the “leaking,” so your orbital eye area is protected against further damage. Yes, it is expensive – $95 – but I can attest to its effectiveness. It works very well, and results can usually be seen within two weeks.

Originally published September 2008



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