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By Aly Walansky


I must confess, I am a girl. A girlie girl, at that. Thus, me writing for Male Perspectives is, on first view, rather funny. (However, let it be noted, I have an appreciation for men…and playthings…I mean toys…) So, allow me to share with you my perspective, on the male perspective, of the snazziest new gadgets this fall.

The slim and sexy Nintendo DS Lite is about two-thirds the size of the DS. Even though the unit is somewhat smaller than its daddy, the graphics are completely crisp and clear, causing the myriad colors to leap off the screen, bright and potent. (And you can adjust the brightness too!) Closing the case midway through a game will put the unit into sleep mode and will allow you to start right back up after opening. The DS Lite is already available on store shelves, and is perfect for traveling … or lounging around at home in your boxers with a beer. (See? Male perspective! I’ve got you covered.) Some of the coolest video games are going to be coming out this holiday season for the DS Lite – like Madden Football 2007 and Super Mario Brothers DS. Pack this in your backpack and stay entertained the entire commute – and throughout the day. (We are talking epic battery power here, as well!)


Meizu, Meizu, can you hear me? Renounce thy iPod and refuse thou Zen, for our love is true. Meizu is a brand-new import from Japan that will kick the arse of all its predecessors. One of the hottest parts of this baby will be the $199 price for the 4GB version compared to $249 for the 4GB Nano. With 4GB of memory, a 2.4-inch screen, a microphone plug for voice recording, FM support, USB support,MP3/WAV/OGG/WMA for audio and Xvid for video, you’ll be declaring your oath of love as well. Never underestimate the coolness of being the first person to discover the new gadget, as well. White ear buds and ITunes may be sooo 2005.

Come on big boy, come and get your treat. You know you want it…

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Originally published September 2006



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