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By Bir Ganguly


Starting off the New Year with a fresh new skin does not sound like a bad idea to me. So with this as my mission, I set out to scope ways to rid the skin of old impurities and their resultant effects – acne, blemishes, and patchy or scaly skin.

First stop was Rose Alcido. Rose, a licensed aesthetician with her own day spa in New York City, is also her own facial treatment researcher and developer. Recently she has been hard at work developing a line of products that targets pollution of the skin, particularly from the environment, but also from internal causes – hormonal imbalance, free radical production due to stress and lifestyle factors, etc.

When asked about the line, Rose said – “In our research for effective environmental facial cleansing, we came across the ingredient zeolite. Zeolites are natural minerals used in chemistry to separate molecules and traps environmental debris lodged in the skin. It is a potent ingredient that will assist other actives to minimize the harmful effects of environmental pollutants.”

These other active ingredients that she combined with zeolite to make The Pink Peel, includes anti-oxidant powerhouses like cranberry, apple, beet extracts. The preparation is potent and has an extremely natural feel to it, and can be used as an exfoliating cleanser or a face pack. And we absolutely love the plain and simple apothecary-like presentation – as if it has been just prepared in the lab to your order.

For treatment of excessive sebum (skin’s natural oil) production, uneven scaly patches, or acne pimples, you can follow up with her Clear My Day Serum. Vitamin B5 has been innovatively used in combination with salicylic acid and glycolic acid polymer – a less irritating form of glycolic acid. On the other hand, if you are looking for something to take care of marks and blemishes from prior skin problems, your choice of serum should be Blemish Light. This contains a mix of Kojlc and Azelaic acids, both of which are powerful lightening agents.

For day to day cleansing, Rose has The Cleaning Guy which is formulated from natural disinfectants and cleansers. However, if you want something really special to deal with problem skin and do not belong to the ten per cent of the population that is sensitive to sulphur, you simply have to pick up the Stripper! A high concentration of sulphur partners with salicylic acid in this medicated bar of the most unusual shape. Sulphur fights infection while salicylic acid decongests the build-up of dead cells. Other blemish fighters and essential oils are included to boost the impact of the two main ingredients. I have become totally addicted to the Stripper! Such has been the impact.

Rose Alcido’s products ($25 – 65) are available at Inspiration, a Rose Alcido Day Spa located at 1133 Broadway, (between 25th and 26th Streets) in Manhattan. For more information, visit [url=http;//][/url] or phone 212.243.0432.

Another line that caught my attention was Pevonia’s Ligne Clarifyl which is intended for acneic or problematic skin. Pevonia Botanica‘s luxurious approach to spa treatments as well as in its quality home-care products has set it apart as a premier name in the industry. The Ligne Clarifyl exhibits every bit of those traits in its five products. The products include an exfoliating clenser, a toning lotion, an everyday care cream, a purifying mask, and a spot treatment.

The exfoliating cleanser is notable in its use of triclosan, a problem-skin-treating ingredient in many prescription products. With yours truly, the Clarifyl Care Cream has been a particular hit. This light-textured, oil-free cream contains glycolic acid, calendula, and panthenol to ensure skin is soothed, hydrated and desensitized. At the same time, it is excellent for preventing pore clogging and blackheads formation.

Pevonia products and treatments are exclusively available at elite destination spas, day spas and salons across the US and internationally. Visit [url=][/url] or contact 1.800.PEVONIA for one near you.

Originally published January 2006



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