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I believe Brian Wilson sang it best: “I’m shaving with good vibrations.” Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but he had the general idea down pretty well. The Beach Boys are one of the most enduring music groups to ever grace the scene, and it seems they were even ahead of their time, somehow predicting the popular trend that many razor manufacturers have embraced: the vibrating razor. I’ve used many multi-blade, vibrating, feature-filled razors in the decade-and-then-some that I’ve had the need to, and though I’ve appreciated every advancement, I’ve always found that most razors are pretty much the same.

Enter the Shick Hydro Power Select.

Forget good vibrations, these are great vibrations. For me, upgrading to this razor was like giving an iPad to Aristotle. It’s that big of a step up. Great, now I’m hyperbolizing. But this excellent-looking electric wizardry is really something: I can customize the way I shave using three (three!) vibrate intensity settings to find the optimal frequency for my skin. There’s even a digital LED indicator. On a razor. The thin hydrating gel strip on the tip of the blades activates when it touches water, spreading lubricating goo with every pass to protect my delicate flower of a face. This is an extreme shave gadget for sure, and what would even make James Bond blush is the gel strip that flips down and out of the way to allow for a precision trim. My sideburns have never been more impressed, which means I’ve now moved on to anthropomorphizing. Anyway, I think the best part of the Hydro Power Select experience is how it feels to hold the device. The base of the razor is thicker than most to allow for the single AAA battery that powers the motion, which bulks up the partially rubberized handle just enough to feel very confidence-inspiring in my hand. I’ve never been smoother (face-wise)… and I’m gonna have fun, fun, fun unless someone takes this razor away. Find one for yourself at most drug stores nationwide.

Stubble isn’t the only thing that doesn’t stand a change against an electrified, supersonic shakedown. The Supersmile Gift Set is perfect for anyone in your life who wants the brightest, whitest teeth around (note: it’s okay to buy gifts for yourself). Included in the set is some serious hardware: the Series II LS 45? Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush fights less-than-white teeth at 30,000 strokes per minute, and can be adjusted with three settings: Clean for a continuous scrub; Gentle if you need to be tender with your sensitive teeth; and Pulse, which promotes blood flow in your gums with a high-speed massage. Most importantly, the Sonic Pulse Toothbrush comes with two brush heads, which are fitted with special bristles angled at 45º, which the American Dental Association recommends for superior, healthy clean. There’s an auto shut off function that kicks in after 2 minutes, and every thirty seconds a special pulse alerts me to move to a different quadrant of my mouth, which means it’s perfect for pro-hygiene anti-morning people: I can practically doze off and still get an optimal brush.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The other half of the gift set consists of two tubes that together form the Supersmile whitening system, which the company touts as the most powerful whitening system for use in the home (the only thing that doesn’t come with this kit is a ‘DDS’ degree to tack onto my diploma). Even teeth that have been professionally whitened, bonded, capped, crowned, fitted with veneers or braces can benefit from the whitening regimen, and it even works with dentures. I was glad to learn that there’s no abrasive material grinding away at my enamel; instead, this two-tube system uses…science, so I was immediately sold (in case you’re wondering, I keep my Supersmile supplies next to my lightsaber replica). A substance called CALPROX® attacks the stuff that allows stains to form in the first place, and when it’s used in conjunction with the included whitening accelerator, you’ll be showing off a brighter, whiter smile in no time flat. Check out the Supersmile Gift Set of moms, grads, dads, and everyone else on your gift list this season at, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Blue Mercury, and

Originally published May 2012



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