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A fair chunk of every adult’s day is dedicated, whether conscious or not, to judgment: the process whereby we make decisions: “Is this water too hot or too cold? Ah yes, too cold. I shall turn the dial to the left.” or “Should I ask Judy on a date? She’s cute, but is also in a caterpillar-worshipping cult. I will sleep on it.”…Okay, so maybe not every judgment produces optimal results, but by the time we ‘enter the real world’ it’s expected that we know how to make informed decisions, whether we’re choosing between two jobs or picking a tie to wear to dinner with Judy. Sometimes, however, even the most seemingly mundane decisions can be difficult to make. In the world of grooming products, if you’re thinking critically about the process it can honestly be somewhat exhausting. Do I need face moisturizer for normal, dry, or oily skin? (Probably normal, just use less if you’re oily and more if you’re dry.) Should it have SPF or not? (Always shoot for SPF 30.) The questions are endless, and the process can get muddled quickly. That said, sometimes solutions come around that are so obvious it’s painful to see others overlooking them, which is why it’s refreshing and convenient and confidence-inspiring to get familiar with a brand like MenScience.

MenScience skin care and nutrition products are ultra-high quality, and “pharmaceutical grade,” meaning they’re strong, and they work. Better yet, just about any type of product you might need is available, each wrapped in simple, handsome packaging, and the products I’ve been using are completely unscented and free of any unnecessary chemical junk. I recently stopped into the terrific new MenScience storefront in SoHo where NYC men can visit and learn about every product in detail. When I visited the glass and wood laboratory-meets-rustic-workshop space, it was made clear to me that part of the MenScience mission is to ensure that men are educated about what it is these products do, what’s in them, and how they will help our bodies. This is where judgment comes in to play. If we men are supposed to – perhaps at the behest of others, but hopefully of our own accord – take excellent care of our bodies, inside and out, shouldn’t we be using products that are engineered for that purpose alone? Shouldn’t those products be sold by other people who care just as much as we should? The answer is a resounding yes, and MenScience seems to have those bases covered. In the lower level of the new SoHo store is a consultation room, where men can talk directly with in-store experts and learn what individual products or complete regimen is best for them: Take a seat, take in the information, and make some healthy decisions.

I’ve been using the MenScience Advanced Face Lotion, Microfine Face Scrub, Advanced Lip Protection, and Eye Rescue Formula (again, simple names, simple packaging – the focus here is on the product inside), all of which are unscented, and I can certainly sense a difference. The face scrub is an effective place to start in the morning – it wakes me up and thoroughly cleans my skin. A little dab of the lotion works wonders on my face, which tends to be dry and sensitive, and the moisture lasts all day without feeling oily. My lips love Lip Protection, which has a rough kind of texture that gives the honest impression that it’s functional. So far my favorite of the bunch has to be the eye Rescue Formula – in college some thoughtful and tactful friends once pointed out my “sunken eyes” and the dark circles beneath them, and this little miracle tube has done wonders for the latter affliction (I’d need some sort of eyeball plunger to fix the first bit). I’ve also sampled most everything from the deodorant to the sun block, and it all falls in line with the simple, functional vibe. The products that extend into the nutrition arena are plenty – Omega 3 pills and daily supplements, even workout supplements and multivitamins. I’d recommend visiting the store and chatting one on one with the knowledgeable and interested staff if you’re able (329 Lafayette Street), or peruse the MenScience website to get your hands on these honest, hard-working products. Exercise your best judgment, and take care of your body.

Originally published September 2012



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