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By Stephanie Williams

Forgive us if this may seem a little too Real Simple, but it’s absolutely okay to find new uses for beauty goods. As multi-use bath items have become more commonplace in bins at Bath and Body Works and cosmetics counters at Bendel’s, skip another cleaning supply run and reexamine what’s hiding in the vanity.

We chose L’Occitane’s Aromachologie Soothing Shampoo ($20, 10.1oz bottle, available at L’Occitane boutiques and to experiment with some tips and tricks suggested by beauty experts and BN Writers for its fragrant infusion of lemongrass and mandarin tree essential oils. Have we left anything out, readers? We welcome you to leave us a comment with your own alternative uses for shampoo.

All-Over Body Cleanser
It didn’t take long for ladies to catch onto the miracle shampoo-conditioner-body wash triple-threat bottle concept. Celebrity stylist Kylee Heath ( uses shampoo as her go-to shower cleanser when travelling, giving her peace of mind to enjoy the jetset life without fear of accounting for an abundance of product.

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Inspired by the meticulous mind of Blair Waldorf, who would never soak a wineglass in “common dish soap,” her solution to use L’Occitane Shampoo is remarkably valid. While everyone knows a real Gossip Girl would beckon her very own Dorota to do her cleaning, not all of us are that lucky.

?To return your own wineglasses to their original out-of-the-box sparkle:
• Squeeze one drop of shampoo into bowl of the glass
• Fill bowl with warm water
• Scrub using a long-handled stemware sponge
• Soak glasses in warm water with a tablespoon of shampoo
• Dry using a microfiber cloth

An old trick passed down from BN Staff Writer Stephanie Williams’ mother, this technique allows sheer stockings to retain their stretch and condition, leaving legs silky-smooth in time for the warmer months:
• In a sink or mixing bowl, immerse nylon or silk pantyhose in cold water and about two teaspoons of shampoo.
• Let sit for about an hour and hang to dry overnight

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Makeup Brushes
Kylee Heath along with our very own staff writers, Hair Care Editor Kelly Hushin and Editor in Chief Candice Sabatini, overwhelmingly recommend shampoo as the ideal solution to cleaning makeup brushes.

About once a week, add this simple fix to any cleaning routine:
• Fill a small bowl with warm water and a couple teaspoons of shampoo
• Dip brushes into bowl, gently massaging bristles with liquid cleaner
• Let sit in water for about 10 minutes before giving them one more swish
• Let dry on a paper towel.

Originally published May 2012
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