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By Jared Shechtman


Have you ever REALLY looked forward to going to the barber? Most guys will simply answer “no, of course not!” These guys haven’t been to Truman’s Grooming Bar.

Truman’s is what every men’s salon should be. Part sports bar, part spa Truman’s has been designed to accommodate even the most discriminating man, while still meeting the basic needs of your average guy.

Talking with two of the founders of Truman’s was reminiscent of catching up with some of the guys from the fraternity house. Keep in mind I’m in no way referring to the Animal House stereotype but rather someone who just stepped out of a Brook Brothers catalogue. They are well put together regular guys. Sitting down with the founders for a beer at the bar in Truman’s was really an enlightening experience.

They’ve discovered that a lot of their business comes from wives and girlfriends who want to do a little something to spruce up their man, while at the same time sending him off to an environment he’ll feel comfortable in.

Walking into most salons can be a bewildering experience for men. Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do? Do I even like water with cucumber slices floating in it? And what the HECK is this ‘gown’ I was just handed? You won’t experience any of this at Truman’s! Staring right at you when you walk in the door is their bar, and I think it’s safe to say that most men are comfortable pulling up a stool, and sitting down with a beer until they can get their bearings.

No need to worry about the quality of services offered. At Truman’s, the attentive staff will see to your every need. Even the layout is designed to ensure that your privacy is kept for some of the more discreet treatments you may desire. After all you might not want to run into your boss, neighbor or even worse your poker buddy while getting a pedicure or a back wax.

The stylists at Truman’s know that a large portion of their clientele just don’t really know what they want, and my very well be used to going to the same barbershop on the corner they’ve always gone to and they want to offer men a step up to someplace a little classier, a place that can really take care of your needs.

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Originally published August 2006



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