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By Bobby Coniferus


Science has, for a long time, tried to analyze the basis of human sexual attraction it terms of the ‘chemistry’ between two people. Quite literally. For decades scientists have doubted, researched, and debated the existence and workings of certain elusive chemicals called pheromones and the human vomeronasal organ, the even more elusive organ that it is supposed to be responsible for detecting these chemicals.

In 1956, the first pheromone ever was identified as a powerful sex attractant in the case of silkworm moths. A team of German researchers took the next 20 years to isolate a suspect chemical from glands placed at the tip of the abdomen of female moths. Even a tiny amount of it appeared to drive male moths crazy and send their wings all a-flutter. Upon further reduction and extraction, they obtained the chemically pure pheromone, which they named “bombykol” after “Bombyx mori” the scientific name for silkworm. In his book The Lives of a Cell, Lewis Thomas writes -“It has been soberly calculated that if a single female moth were to release all the bombykol in her sac in a single spray, all at once, she could theoretically attract a trillion males in the instant.” In the case of humans, however, it took much longer to come to accepting that there was an invisible chemistry at work. Peer reviewed science publications in the 1980s finally confirmed the existence of human pheromones and further research showed that man has not lost his ability to react to these chemical in evolutionary process.

Sexual pheromones are typically odorless chemicals and not detected by our olfactory system. Instead, the miniscule vomeronasal organ or VNO, set high up inside the nasal cavity is the receptor organ of a sensory system involved in pheromonal communication. The most widely known male pheromone is androstenone and that for women is copulin. Human pheromones have been scientifically proved to provoke heightened sexual and social response from the opposite sex, and from the same sex as well, in the case of male homosexual preference. Results have been more inconclusive in the case of women-to-women attraction.

We produce pheromones naturally, but socio-cultural habits such as taking showers, dressing ourselves up from top to toe, using various soaps, creams, and lotions all cut off this communication line. Since proclaiming ourselves as better lovers by foregoing the above habits is not an option, we have to look for other solutions. Thankfully, lab-produced pheromones can do the trick. One of the major developers on the market is Primal pheromones with its celebrated line called Primal Instinct. The line features scented as well as unscented versions and has one of the highest concentrations of androstenone in its Primal Instinct for Him. To find out more about Primal’s offerings, visit Primal Instinct is also available through numerous affiliates.

Another product that I found and personally liked quite a lot was Pherlure. Pherlure uses a novel human pheromone formulation Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone and was tested at the University of Chicago to show remarkable effectiveness. This one comes in a single cologne formulation and the unobtrusive smell of the cologne is light and pleasant. After a while the smell dies out and you can feel a semi-perceptible odor and you know that something is at work. To find out more about Pherlure go to

And with Valentine’s day around the corner, remember that your can use these trick chemicals not only to lure potential mates but also to heat things up with the one you are already lucky to have at you side.

Originally published February 2006



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