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By Eva Whalen



If health is wealth, then healthy children are the world’s jackpot. November is always a good time to count your blessings with friends and family nearby, whether over a trussed up turkey or a turkey-shaped soy bird. Here’s a roundup of things that promote health, harmony and the pursuit of happiness.


Greet your visitors at the door with the aroma of herbs and lavender in a unique Six Herb Wreath from coastal Oregon, available at This eco-elegant wreath can be the first and last thing your Thanksgiving visitors see, and that’s just how you want it. Individually handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest by local farmers and artisans, this wreath’s lovely aromas and delicate hues are the result of using locally grown, sustainable materials.


Need some critic-proof recipes to impress the visiting in-laws? Peruse Tracy Stern’s Tea Party Book, replete with recipes such as Black Tea Brownies, Chai Tea Pancakes, and the intriguing White Tea Martinis with Coconut. Find it quick at Then don a chic Elizabeth Scokin haute hostess apron for the final effect. Choose from vintage Hollywood leopard prints, gold and jewel-toned aprons with ribbon appliqués, red sashes, bells, sequins and florals. Gawk before purchasing at


Would you or your holiday guests care for some organic seafood? Blue Horizon offers eco-friendly, frozen organic seafood recipes such as shrimp and penne alfredo and breaded shrimp appetizers. You can order these skillet meals and shrimp appetizers today and receive them tomorrow. Remember that the next time someone gives you short notice for visiting, which always happens in New York. Check out


If you don’t feel like cooking, then let Fresh Direct deliver a meal for which you’ll be thankful! Luscious Italian meals (psst…from your microwave) are ready in minutes, including shrimp fettuccine with roasted peas and bacon, roasted red snapper minestrone with pesto and taggiasca olives, marinated portobellos with garganelli pasta and salsa rosso, and much more for the savoring at Pair them up with some wine, then sit back and relax. These dinners are superb, and children’s lunches can be delivered as well.


Parents who frequent the green market for vegetables, fruits and flowers will love the variety and styles of Reisenthel shopping bags, which include baskets, foldable trolleys, bottle bags, and carryalls. The Reisenthel line also features containers for the home, such as laundry bags, toy baskets and magazine racks. See them all at This is a product whose time has come to shine.


The Clear2O Home Water Filtration Pitcher removes five times the contaminants of ordinary water filters in a mere 38 seconds. This is something metro moms should consider for their families. Easy to attach and fill, this system is designed to require a minimum of filter-changing, thus resulting in more savings. Go ahead, get the lead out. Visit


Pregnant moms who want to nosh on something both delicious and nutritious can pass on the pumpkin pie and reach for chocolate instead – not just any chocolate, but Ecco Bella’s Health By Chocolate. The Beautiful Bones bar contains organic cocoa, sea calcium and vitamin D. Isn’t that a dream come true? Find them at Another sweet treat is the award-winning Oh Mama! Bar, rich in nutrients and protein and low in fat. It’s the only pregnancy snack bar fortified with DHA, which is critical for baby’s brain, eye and central nervous system development. Oh Mama! was created by a mother of three with a background in women’s and children’s health — in collaboration with a team of doctors and nutritionists. Oh Mama! bars sated Jennifer Garner and Brook Shields when they were sporting bumps. Find these bars at Whole foods stores and at

Keep yourself and your family healthy — and keep the planet healthy, too.

Originally published November 2007



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