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By Patricia Wersinger


We mamas are always tired. From dragging the kids to school in the morning to handling most of the chores involved in a household and going to work, we often feel like we are merely sleepwalking through our day. In trying to grasp why I am always so tired, I often blame myself for waiting too long to have a family. Maybe nature planned for us to have our kids at a very young age so we could handle everything without a whimper. But recently I came across another idea. I read about toxicity in our environment and how it is causing us to feel more exhausted, depleted, depressed and sicker than ever and how toxicity is accelerating the rate at which we age. People with particularly taxing lives feel it more than others. Could it be that the real reason moms are so tired is that just like the environment around them, their bodies are polluted? What can they do to help counteract this toxic onslaught and restore their bodies to health so that they can keep on top of their tasks?

According to The EPA, emissions of about 1.5 billion pounds of chemicals are released every year in all 50 states into our immediate environment. If you live in an industrialized nation, you carry an average of seven hundred synthetic chemicals in your body from food, water and air. If you did a toxicity test, you would find that you carry traces of heavy metals (shown to cause brain and nervous system disorders) and of dangerous PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) even though they have been banned in the US since 1977.

Toxins in the environment says Brenda Watson in her book, The Detox Strategy, have increased chronic ailments including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, arthritis, depression, infertility, hormonal imbalances, allergies, gastrointestinal diseases and cancer. Toxins are stored in fat, cardiac and skeletal muscle, bones, tendons joints, ligaments, visceral organs and the brain. To top it off, toxicity is more lethal as we age because in the aging process, we experience low-grade inflammation and lose muscle mass. When muscle cells shrink, mercury and other toxins have an easier time getting released into the bloodstream and doing their dirty work, according to Watson. If the body is ill-equipped to handle the surfacing mercury efficiently through normal detoxification pathways, it will inflict more harm and intensify existing inflammation. Re-circulating toxins may move into more critical areas like the brain and heart.

The solution Brenda Watson offers is to cleanse your body on a regular basis to allow your liver and organs to handle the glut of toxins that weaken them. Though you should never cleanse your body while you are pregnant or nursing, Brenda Watson strongly recommends it to exhausted mothers later who are looking for ways to get healthier, to regain energy, zest for life, increase clarity of mind, lose weight and appear more youthful. Excited by her book, I decided to take action and try a couple of her most popular cleansers.

I started with the Rapid Cleanser, which only takes one week. I must admit that after 2 days, my usual sense of physical dreariness and mental cloudiness had disappeared, and I felt a light heartedness all day – one that I almost never experience anymore as an adult. It made me suspect that my digestive system had been bogged down by toxicity for years. Now with the effect of the cleanser, my digestive gear seemed to work like a brand new engine and the result was a refreshing sense of self, freedom and youthfulness. My waistline shrunk and my complexion seemed clear and radiant. I learned a new wisdom, how so much of how you look and feel is derived from the vigor of your digestive track and its ability to handle toxins and boost your metabolism. After those results, I was eager to continue my cleansing program and a month later started on the Liver Detox Cleanser. The ordeal was more painful, as I felt heavier cramps in my abdomen for one day. These cramps forced me to slow my exercising that week. But the discomfort is well worth the result: more energy, more vitality, more clarity of mind, more zest for living and fun. To make the cleansers most effective Brenda Watson recommends what food to ingest and refrain from during the cleansing. Fruit, vegetables and a whole grain diet with no coffee or alcohol will ensure best results. The vegetable capsules are gluten-free and must be taken morning and night for 2 weeks.

Cleansing my body on a regular basis is now part of my regime to remain energetic, healthy and zestful and to help me lead a greener life. Find more amazing facts in Brenda Watson’s book, The Detox Strategy and at

Originally published November 2010



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