Metro Mama & Metro Baby

By Missye K. Clarke


“O young thing, your mother’s lovely armful! How sweet the fragrance of your body.” – Euripides.

J and J’s Baby Lotion™ – In the ever familiar pink bottle which hasn’t much changed since its 1929 appearance, this rich, smooth – and yes, as pink as the bottle it comes in – lotion does hold the smell and remind one of “baby all over” when used.

J and J Baby Powder™ – Imagine this: Freshly laundered sheets and blankets, a great read waiting on your bed, fresh from the shower and dusted over with J and J’s talc brand, got on a new set of PJs and a steaming cup of cocoa or mint herb tea. You’re ready for a snug night of dreams or a soothing, non-muggy feeling on a humid afternoon with this J and J mainstay for nearly a century. Great for baby, you, to baby you or your’re lovely other that’s not a newborn.

J and J’s Baby Shampoo™ — In the clear plastic bottle with the bright yellow cap, this gentlest of gentle shampoos has a soft scent that would utter a sigh, if scents could do that. This one, well … sighs out a clean, baby scent that has the trademarked “no more tears™” mixture in its ingredients that does just what the tagline says … and it smells baby fresh. (You knew that was coming in here, somewhere.)

Baby Magic Lotion™ — Unlike J and J’s staple, this lotion comes in either aloe enriched, regular, or unscented. And, it smells a bit spicier (for lack of a better baby term) than the pink brand. It’s water based like J and J’s lotion, but thinner and smells like baby, but without the reminder of baby smell, per se.

Baby Magic Shampoo™ — Like the lotion counterpart, this one’s got a bit of a kick aroma to it, and like the J and J brand, this is a no more tears blend, as well. It’s a paler yellow than the thicker, golden hue of J and J’s bath lather, and can be used as a shampoo in the combination bath/body wash soap, for you cheapskate—erm, frugal, sorry – types. Works very well as a shampoo and body wash and baby won’t know the big difference.

Overall, both product lines are very similar to one another in consistency, price and style; just the Mennen line of baby shampoos and lotions have a big more of a spicy to its scents. J and J have been a long heralded staple on homes with newborns in them, and understandably so; it’s a name synonymous with purity, trust, confidence, and hey, that great baby smell. Johnson and Johnson has come out with other lines to go with baby care as has Baby Magic to compete with Aveeno’s oatmeal line: oils in gel form, lavender and chamomile lotion; baby wash with menthol for chest colds; SleepyTime bath wash with lavender and chamomile; and milk lotion for extra dry skin. Both lines did this because more adults were using their products for bath use – then tried to blame their kids, or better still, bathing their sister’s kid ti justify such use of baby products.

Either way, go for it. Both lines work well, both are relatively inexpensive and both have a solid reputation for good value, especially on the scents. (Sorry to inform you, though, you’re not getting that baby smell back, you’ve long outgrown that. If you had gotten that smell back, Ripley’s is waiting on a long overdue contact from you.).

Originally published February 2006



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