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By Patricia Wersinger


In our product-saturated culture, it’s often easy to lose oneself and go for the overly advertised, sleek and popular thing whether it has value or not. Some companies try to break into a market by emphasizing the quality, authenticity and ethical value of their product and implicate the buyer in making responsible choices. Teaching your daughter to question the value and origin of what she acquires will help her make sound judgments in the future and ensure she invests in health and quality. Here are products with high standards of authenticity that have your child’s best interest at heart:

Rubij organic clothing, clothing is clothing with a conscience. Today the pesticides used on conventional cotton increasingly threaten the health of people, wildlife and the environment. This is what motivated the founders of Rubij organic clothing to create a brand of animal t-shirts that are pure, free of pesticides, and made from 100% certified organic cotton. No Azo dyes were used and all fair labor practices respected. Each t-shirt comes with a label telling the story of the endangered animal it features to get your child started on taking responsibility for the environment and caring for the future of animals. Choose from an array of beautiful options, such as a cool zebra or wild butterfly prints. Find them at

Who says all girls only want to be princesses? For the girl who loves to sport animal power, Tyler Trends – a family owned company of quality clothing “for kidz, inspired by kidz ” (age 0 – 6yrs) –has one-of-a-kind shirts with funny animal faces that stand out in a crowd. Designed by Anette Tyler, the combed cotton t-shirts display the unique face of a giraffe, monkey, pink bear, ladybug, panda bear or a tiger. Shirts are made with fair trade organic, hypoallergenic, resilient combed cotton. No child labor is ever used, workers for this brand are compensated with a fair wage. Your daughter can wear this adorable shirt with pride, knowing it was made ethically without harming her planet or anyone on it;

Poloppo, a company with a mission to encourage creativity in children everywhere, allows you to feature your daughter’s art on a t-shirt. You can order a kit that will include markers, paper, order form and a catalogue of t-shirt styles — or directly upload your child’s creation on the Poloppo site, and a week later receive your fabulous and unique t-shirt. Poloppo wants to inspire children to create the world they want to live in. By wearing their art, children will start to add creations to, change, and impact the world around them. Get your kit and get creative at

Auracacia Kids, a well-established aromatherapy brand that now offers a line of bath products for kids, if offering kid-friendly shampoo, bubble bath, liquid soap, and a body wash with an invigorating and authentic citrus scent to lift the mood and cheer the senses . All bottles have a large lip dispenser that is especially suited for little hands, and products include high-quality pure essential oils and organic ingredients. A “no synthetic colors or fragrance” policy and full ingredient disclosure ensure that this line is 100% safe for your little girl’s bath and health.

If you’re looking for a different kind of doll for your daughter, one that portrays an age relevant body, with positive references to a healthy life style based on sports and healthy challenges, consider the Go! Go! Sports Girls, a line of plush sports-themed dolls for girls ages 3-12 years These girls have become an incredible success since they were launched. It was time someone understood the benefit of steering little girls away from the oversexed dolls with dubious psychological messages and instead offer them active, sport-oriented dolls to prepare them for life. Check out and chose from basketball, tennis, gymnastics, swimming and many more Go! Go! Sportsgirls.

Your tween daughter is starting to use deodorant? Make sure you stay away from brands that use aluminium, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes or petro chemicals. Lavanila, the allergy tested, healthy deodorant fights odor safely and effectively without irritating young, sensitive skins. It contains aloe juice, coconut, seaweed, lemon peel oil, honeysuckle and silica — and leaves a lasting wonderful vanilla smell. Its gentleness makes it perfect as a young girl’s first deodorant. Available at Sephora stores and

With these quality products, your daughter will be on the right track for health, value, integrity and social responsibility.

Originally published February 2010



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