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By Patricia Wersinger


While you may have regained your pre-baby shape and look forward to showing off your lovely feminine assets again, something is putting a damper on your bright mood. As you model your new bikini combo in front of the mirror, you can’t help but notice stretch marks and loose skin all over your formerly flat tummy. These stretch marks can definitely have an impact on what you will reveal on the beach this summer. You may decide to put your bikini days behind you and opt for a one piece instead. But maybe, just maybe, the damage can be undone.

People in the medical profession call stretch marks “striae distensae”. Essentially they are scars, cutaneous lesions that come after stretching your skin extensively during pregnancy. They can also occur if you are overweight or have worked out and built up your body dramatically. Stretch marks progress from a pink to violet color then to an ivory white or a nacreous hue. Over time, the lesions broaden and lengthen. After several months, stretch marks become white and depressed and are then referred to as striae albae. In the past, the most common treatments for stretch mark treatments included lasers and topical creams without active ingredients which did not have much efficacy. A lot of prevention products exist and while they may help keep the surface of the skin moist and smooth, they are in reality of little value in preventing stretch marks. Of course, you may opt for plastic surgery and have the extra skin tucked and pulled tight; but for those of you who like a milder path, specific creams have been created in recent years and they happen to be of great help in the battle against such scars and stretch marks .

Dr. H. Bellin’s Scar & Stretch Mark Body Cream

Dr. H. Bellin’s Scar & Stretch Mark Body Cream is a patented, scientific cream formulated to boost the body’s own collagen production and improve the skin’s texture. The secret ingredient in the cream is Edelweiss. Edelweiss, the rare flower from the Swiss Alps regenerates skin cells from within and contains powerful moisturizing agents. To understand exactly how Dr Bellin’s formula works, I asked him to explain the healing process of his cream. “Stretch marks are caused by an inflammation of the skin “he says so you need to increase collagen production to counter it. This increase produces a filling effect and promotes the rate of cell regeneration. When the new cells are big and plump the skin matrix will get stronger and fuller and skin texture will improve. Within a time frame of three to eight weeks a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the skin can be expected”. It is true that after using the cream several times a day on an old stretch mark for a couple of weeks I saw an improvement of the skin’s texture, elasticity and tone. The skin is definitely fuller and plumper. “Once you reach the result you aimed for, you can stop using the cream”. Dr Bellin says. “However, it is advisable to keep the body’s collagen production at an increased level to prevent inflammation from happening again and new stretch marks from forming. Loss of collagen and inflammation are the two biggest causes for stretch marks so he recommends applying the cream sparingly a few times a week after results are achieved.


Mama Mio’s GoodBye Stretch Marks

Mama Mio was founded by four women and aims to offers the best ingredients to fight any skin condition without parabens, colorants, petroleum, phtalates, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate, synthetic fragrances and xenoestrogen. Their stretch mark cream, GoodBye Stretch Marks contains Registril, a combination of two peptides that are proven to reduce the visibility and texture of stretch marks by 70%. Another powerful ingredient is the peptide Matrixyl 3000, which can increase collagen and elastin in the skin to help repair the stretch marks. Emblica, a powerful ayurvedic plant extract, reduces discoloration, and Algisium-C, a brown extract rich in silica promotes healing. Goodbye Stretch Marks, when used correctly, can help reduce the appearance and eliminate your stretch marks, giving a smooth surface to your skin. With this cream too, I found that the texture of my skin greatly improved. For the first 12 weeks of use, Goodbye Stretch Marks should be applied three times a day. If you want to maintain these results after 12 weeks, it’s recommended that you continue to use Goodbye Stretch Marks once a day.


Mama Mio’s Skin Tight

To improve skin tone and elasticity, the Mama Mio collection also includes a toning serum called Skin Tight. Its ingredients work together to combat loose and saggy skin by exfoliating and bringing new skin cells with papaya enzymes and hydrating and plumping it with hyaluronic acid. A soy protein complex tightens the surface, and uniprosyn, which is usually used in very expensive eye creams to combat crow’s feet, “irons out” crepiness. A blend of oat protein, ATP and vitamin B3 boost protein production within skin. The efficacy of Skin Tight was proven in laboratory testing but judging from my own experience, it does improve the skin’s overall tone.


Though stretch mark creams cannot replace getting a surgical procedure to get rid of sagging and stretched skin, Dr. H. Bellin Scar & Stretch Mark Body cream, Goodbye Stretch Marks, and Skin Tight Toning Serum can help to tighten and tone your problem areas. Include them in conjunction with a healthy and active lifestyle to improve and maintain the appearance of your skin so that showing off your tummy in the summer doesn’t need to be a thing of the past.

Originally published May 2011



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