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By Missye K. Clarke


If you and your man are trying to bring a new life into your lives and the world, just search the Internet. Before visiting sites like, and even adding, there’s one website to visit to share your AM I PREGNANT symptoms. This is and this certainly isn’t like the “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” call your mother got from her doctor’s office.

Ordinarily, when a couple tries to conceive, there’s a two week waiting period that must pass. This allows her body time to develop the necessary pregnancy hormone HGC (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) most drugstore pee stick pregnancy tests indicate with a faint or bold positive line, a change of color well or a pregnant or not pregnant readout. is a portal where, while one waits, can get an idea what body changes occur as little as being a day late with her otherwise (and sometimes) timely menses.

“I set out to create a website community that shares hundreds of early pregnancy symptoms and conception stories,” said Elle Mendenhall, founder of “After trying to conceive a baby for over a year, I wanted to give inspiration and hope to others in their fertility journey.”

In addition to posting early pregnancy symptoms, offers an active website community. Over 2,300 registered members interact with each other through the community forums that cover a wide range of fertility topics such as ovulation, early pregnancy signs, infertility, miscarriage, fertility treatments, and even pregnancy. The website even includes an integrated chat window for instant communication between members.

What sets apart from other fertility websites? It’s the real time content and support it offers.

“ is one of the most comprehensive support sites currently on the web for women with questions about trying to conceive and those undergoing the agony of the ‘two week wait’ period,” says Cara Pert, a member from Scotland. “There are few who truly understand the highs and lows of this time. And who better to confide in than those going through the same experience?”

Only those TTC (trying to conceive) can fully appreciate the humor, as well as the poignant disappointments faced in their journey to parenthood. welcomes those to a haven where they will feel supported in every step of their journey while trying to conceive a baby.

Those of you in this fortnight interval angst, visit and check out the pee stick pics, the TTC lexicon if you have an OMG BFP or BFN (big fat positive or negative, referencing the pee stick readout) with your BF, DH, or DF. Read and perhaps post your own solid positive or negative story via medical breakthroughs or practicing the old fashioned way to bring about a lovely angel of your own. In any case, trying but not preventing, you’re not alone in the quest to conceive the most innocent and precious of life known. This site does make the wait time a bearable blast.

Originally published March 2006



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