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By Sharon Gomes Thomas


My parents have seven lovely, intelligent, champion dogs. Not tiny apartment dogs. These dogs would never fit into a typical NY city apartment. They are seven robust, fluffy rough coat collies in the three general color categories – merle, tri and sable. Every meal at my parents’ home includes the special ingredient of at least one dog hair. It’s almost de rigueur to pick a delicate strand from one’s forkful of food, that my parents’ dinner guests don’t even bat an eyelid anymore. They just try to guess which dog the strand belongs to.

It’s not as if their house is enveloped in dog hair. Collies generally shed only a couple times a year, between their winter and summer coats. But when you have seven dogs, it’s hard to have a hair free surface. Grooming can be a challenge especially in the Spring when snow turns to slush and there are 28 muddy paws trotting though the house.

Dad has constructed a special bathtub in the basement to deal with dog baths. With typical handyman panache, he’s hiked a full-sized tub onto a metal base at waist level so it saves his poor back. They even have a commercial dog hair dryer. The dogs hate it with a vengeance, it’s like a big vacuum cleaner in reverse. Remember the scene in Edward Scissorhands when Johnny Depp carves the ice sculpture for Winona Ryder and there are fluffy snowflakes swirling all about? When the dogs get dried, it looks exactly like that, except it is big tufts of collie fur swirling all about, and a lot less romantic!

A few months ago, two of the female dogs had litters of puppies at the same time and the house was filled with an additional 14 pooches. I really felt sorry for my parents, as they were constantly trying to keep those 14 wee ones fed and cleaned. It seemed like a never ending cycle. If the puppies were out in the backyard and there was an unexpected shower, the house smelt a little pungent for days. Eau De Wet Dog anyone?

What they could have used then was a product like Pampered Pooch Dry Shampoo Mousse from Oxypet ( It uses no water, needs no rinsing and is perfect for in-between grooming. The Dry Shampoo Mousse is activated by oxygen and is not only safe for dogs but also for cats. Puppies can’t be bathed when they’re young, as a little chill can be detrimental to their health. This shampoo is the perfect solution. Used exactly like hair mousse, it leaves no sticky residue or flakes. Just rub it in and towel off your pet, it’s really quick and easy. Oxypet also has a Conditioner Mousse for tangles. All their products are manufactured in the USA and the company is based in the patriotic town of Freedom, CA.

As for my parents, they finally found homes for all their puppies, after months of stringent interviewing. Applying for an executive job is a much simpler process than sitting through the barrage of questions Mom asks the potential buyers. I’ve seen some of them break into a cold sweat. Mom would rather keep the puppy than have it go to a home she feels is not prepared for the lifelong commitment of owning a dog. That’s why they have seven dogs now. They started with only one a few years ago.

Oxypet Pet Products at Greatview Collies at

Originally published July 2005



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