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By Beauty News Staff


Last month we featured some beautiful pets from the staff of Beauty News NYC. Now it’s time for the canines to shine in the spotlight!

My name: Chihuahua (Pronounced: Chee Hoo Ah Hoo Ah! My pet dad’s nephew mispronounces the word.)
My nickname: Chi
Pet dad: PK Greenfield
Breed or what I think I am: Pomeranian/Long Hair Chihuahua but I masquerade as a Kit Fox.
Favorite Food: Stella & Chewy’s Super Beef Dinner (
Things I eat but am not supposed to have: Hmmm. I’m really finicky but I eat a lot of cheese.
Things I do that makes my dad angry: Mess the bed but it’s usually their fault for not walking me!
My doggy daycare: SPOT at 105 72nd Street near Columbus Avenue Ph: 212-362-7387 (
Favorite dog park: I’m crippled so I don’t go to the park that much. I’d rather be carried around in my owner’s sports bag.
My vet: Humane Society of NY 309 East 59th Street Ph: 212-752-4840 (
A pet secret I can share with you: I love to eat baby carrots and have them every night at bedtime. I was born with mangled hind legs so my owners bought me a custom-made wheelchair but they call it my bicycle.

My name: Flanders
My nickname: Flander-Pants
Pet mom: Stephanie Ila Silver-Silberstein
Breed or what I think I am: Mini Daschund
Favorite Food: Science Diet (
Things I eat but am not supposed to have: Anything my toddler siblings drop or throw off the kitchen table.
Things I do that makes my mom/dad angry: Bark whenever we have visitors over or the elevator dings
My doggy daycare: Sandy’s Doggie and Kitty Spa 311 East 92nd Street Ph: 212-410-2150 (http://www.sandy’
My favorite retailer: Canine Styles 1195 Lexington Avenue Ph: 212-472-9440 (
Favorite dog park: Carl Schurz Dog Run (
My vet: Manhattan Vet Group 240 E 80th Street Ph: 212-988-1000 (
A pet secret I can share with you: My dog bed is a boppy infant lounger

My name: Sawyer
Pet mom: Yasmin Jorge
My nicknames: Saw Man and Fur Man
Breed or what I think I am: Carolina Dog or American Dingo
Favorite Food: Purina One Dog Food (
Things I eat but am not supposed to have: Cheese and potato chips – on occasion.
Things I do that makes my mom: Eat Ben and Sydney’s toys (my human siblings), but they’re on the floor! Started eating the couch pillow and threw the stuffing all over the living room, but I was not in my crate and had free roam of the home. I also like to chase and try to catch birds and squirrels.
A pet secret I can share with you: Licking an empty jar of peanut butter keeps me entertained and happy.

Our names: Greta and Betsey
Pet mom: Yasmin Jorge
Our nicknames: Caramel Ears (because my silky soft ears) and Pelota Girl (because of my round figure)
Breed or what we think we are: Beagle Basset Mix and Beagle
Favorite Food: Purina One Dog Food (
Things we eat but are not supposed to have: Oh how we love to get our teeth on garbage, when the family is not careful! We also like yogurt, potato chips, and bread.
Things we do that make our mom angry: Steal and chew underwear and socks from the laundry basket. Once we feasted on a pair of Mom’s lounging pants. We also patrol the waste baskets in the bathroom for tissue and we’ll take food out of little kids’ hands because we can reach these short humans! If we could get food from the table we would, but we’re short gals.
A pet secret we can share with you: Since we sometimes get into garbage, we do get sick. Our vet says that ½ caplet of Imodium A-D will make us better pronto. And it works!

My name: Higgins Hansen Anselmo-Sciarretto, named after Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady + Philip Hansen Anselmo of Pantera (heavy metal band) fame!
Pet mom: Amy Sciarretto
My age: 2, my birthday is February 16 and I am an Aquarius.
My nicknames: Higgs, Higgy, Higtastic, Higgadelphia, Andre Higoudala, Zooks, Chunks, Chunklet
Breed or what I think I am: 100 percent English Bulldog
Favorite Food: Merrick Grammy’s Pot Pie dry food, mixed with any of the wet varieties (
Things I eat but am not supposed to have: Filet mignon! No kidding! When pop pop babysits me, he gives me meat and cheese, which I <3; I also love Kraft singles. Things I do that makes my mom angry: Chewing the strap of her Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, sitting on the rug in the kitchen and “woofing” at the cabinets for no reason.
My favorite retailer: Cutter’s Mill (
Favorite dog park/walking trail: I walk wherever I can, but love playdates with my girlfriend Nala, the pit bull. We <3 each other and have Sunday dates every week. A pet secret I can share with you: I love odor-free bullysticks (I don’t mind the smell, but mom hates it so I get odor free) and baby wipes are essential to keep my facial folds (I am too young for wrinkles) to keep them clean. I walk best with an Easy Walk Harness ( Nyla Bones are my favorites (

My name: Biscuit
Pet mom: Amy O’Conner
My age: 16 months
My nicknames: Tiny Pants, Tiger Pants, Chug-a-boom
Breed or what I think I am: They say I’m a Cairn, but I consider myself 100% Indefatigable Varmint Hunter
Favorite Food: I love Merrick Beef Jerky Bones for Dogs, they’re messy and delectable (
Things I eat but am not supposed to have: I campaign hard to lick any bowl clean: ice cream, spaghetti, you name it.
Things I do that makes my mom angry: I chase and attack the vacuum head anytime it’s on, and bark at every neighbor in the hall – both lots of fun for me.
My doggy daycare: I’m a bit leery of strangers lest they seek to wrest me from my cushy setup so two of my neighbors come to visit me during the day.
My favorite retailer: I tolerate Happy Paws because Erica tames my mane so well. 316 Lafayette Street Ph: 212- 431-6898 (
Favorite dog park/walking trail: The only place I’ll happily walk near home is Stuyvesant Town, lots of grass and squirrels, no traffic noise and a picturesque burbling fountain.
My vet: Dr. Scott Simon, Chelsea Animal Hospital 164 West 21st Street Ph: 212- 243-3020 (
A pet secret I can share with you: I actually enjoy getting my teeth brushed as long as chicken flavor toothpaste is involved.

Originally published June 2012



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