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By PK Greenfield

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When it came to feeding time, my dog was as finicky as a feline and as disillusioned about her entrée as a celebrity chef in a fast-food joint. Phooey! At first I thought my dog was possessed by a cat.

She absolutely refused dry food and biscuits; I started to think that perhaps she had sensitive teeth but her veterinarian negated that theory. She would eat but it was a hassle, very un-dog-like and peculiar. Then I discovered the food line by Stella & Chewy’s ( and everything changed.

I know there are a lot of promises regarding pet foods in the marketplace and you can’t watch TV during primetime without a cleaver commercial barking at your heartstrings to get you to feed your dog their brand. But you have to read the labels and know not only the ingredients but also the process in which the food is made.

That is where Stella & Chewy’s scores above the other brands in my book. 100% American made — all of the products are created from raw natural meats, organic fruits and vegetables and then freeze-dried. Raw foods ensure that your dog is getting the highest level of nutrition. They are free of hormones and antibiotics and made without fillers, colors or preservatives. My dog completely devours the Super Beef Dinner; I simply break the patty up into little pieces and sometimes add a little water — this activates the enzymes and helps with the absorption of nutrients and assists in the digestive process.

I did a little research about enzymes in the canine diet. Aside from aiding in food digestion and nutrient absorption, enzymes for dogs strengthen the immune system; decrease the risks of degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis and toxin build-up; increase T-cell production that ward off certain cancers; they also help promote weight loss. With better digestion, dogs will have less gas, firmer stools and fresher breath. Healthy. I’ve noticed the difference.

The dilemma with my dog’s eating habits didn’t begin and end with her food. She would only snack on cheese and baby carrots so I decided to try Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch. For a dog that refuses most treats, she immediately took to the chicken recipe. It’s made under the same guidelines as all of their products and doesn’t even include salt or sugar. The small nuggets are great for a treat or training reward.

I’ve also given her the Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Kisses. The freeze-dried process once again produces the highest quality and most natural and nutritious foods and comes in several flavors. It actually surprised and amused me to read the entire listing of ingredients on the side of the container: Duck. That is all.

My dog has been on Stella and Chewy’s for over 5 years — her coat is shiny, eyes are clear and her demeanor is lovable. Now if I can only get her to stop coughing-up fur balls and “meowing” in public, she’d be the perfect dog.

You can learn more about their raw, freeze-dried foods here:

Stella and Chewy Products can be purchased at the following Manhattan locations:

452A Columbus Ave.
New York, NY
T: 212.787.7387

105 W 72nd St.
New York, NY
T: 212.362.7387

21 Murray St.
New York, NY
T: 212.374.6900

145 West 20th St.
New York, NY 10011
T: 212.366.0999

Originally published June 2012



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3 Responses to “Finicky canine be gone, doggone-it!”

Wendy Smith Says:

I have been a dog breeder, trainer, owner, groomer, and show enthusiast for 50 years. I raised German Shepherds, Bassett Hounds, Miniature Schnauzers, Labradors, Rottweilers, plus a few small breeds. Each breed were with me as, show dogs, personal house pets, and breeders. Not one adult or puppy was ever a finicky eater. Now that I am old and not living big I have had 3 Chihuahuas for my companions. I believe my last Chihuahua is an Alien. She defies every truth I had developed caring for all my other dogs. She will not eat ANY food 3 days in a row. Doesn’t matter if it is steak,beef, chicken, etc. Angel will eat it no more than 2 days in a row,: the third day she walks away from it, and just stops eating. When she reaches 4 weeks without eating-I cave in. “I always told people with finicky eaters, I didn’t believe there was a dog dumb enough, or determined enough,-to starve itself to death!” Now I will try Angel on Stella and Chewy’s

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PKGreenfield Says:

Dear Wendy,

Thank you for sharing your story. My dog, Chi, is a rescue dog and crippled — I believe her breed is Chihuahua/Pomeranian. While Chi still has finicky moments, she never goes more than 2 days without eating. I recommend starting Angel with the beef patties as that product has consistently worked with my pooch. The truth is I refrain from treats unless she eats her food. It’s tough love but I know she needs the nutrition first and foremost. She didn’t eat yesterday but today she devoured her entire bowl knowing I would reward her with many treats and her favorite — cheese. Thank you for taking care of our four-legged friends for so many years. Chi and I wish you and Angel our very best. PKG

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Trials, Tribulations & Treats with My Dog » BeautyNewsNYC - The First Online Beauty Magazine Says:

[…] you read my June article on Stella & Chewy’s food line, you’ll recall the dilemma with my dog and her refusal to eat. The saga […]

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