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By Sharon Gomes Thomas


Tired, listless, loss of appetite? Sounds like one of those late night commercials selling a miracle cure. Actually, if your pet seems unlike his usual self, it could be something as simple as getting more vitamin supplements. I give my dog vitamins and if I remember, she gets fish oil pills as well. And I have to say her coat looks great.


We know there are no miracle pills, but a close contender is Omega-3 Pet Capsules for Dogs and Cats from Nordic Naturals ( This supplement derived exclusively from wild anchovies and sardines is supposed to raise immunity and support healthy skin, joints, heart, and the development of the brain and eyes. If my dog gets any smarter, she’ll be in first grade soon! Cats don’t synthesize Omega fatty acids, so it’s important they receive it in their diet, whether it’s from their food or from supplements. Omega-3 is also supposed to decrease aggression. Nordic Naturals has a liquid form of Pet Cod Liver Oil if your pet hates pills.


With all the additives in food and treats, not to mention what your pet vacuums from your floor he may be ingesting something harmful. Pet Sun Chlorella ( is a supplement with chlorella pyrenoidosa, said to bind to pesticides and chemicals, preventing their absorption. Pet Sun Chlorella is also packed with vitamins to fight free radicals and increase energy.


Your cat can’t tell you if she’s sick, but her kitty litter can! Health Meter Cat Litter can detect the presence of bladder infections, kidney problems, and liver disease. Not only does it keep your cat’s litter box fresh and odor free, it changes color when your cat may need to go to the veterinarian. Health Meter Cat Litter’s early detection system works without the addition of chemicals and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Prevention is the best medicine, so goes the old adage.


Omega-3 Pet Capsules
For complete list of stores, go to
Also available at —
Metropets, 594 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY
Whiskers Holistic Pet, 325 East 9th, New York, NY
Elaine’s Pet Depot, 2919 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA

Pet Sun Chlorella
Available at

Health Meter Cat Litter
Available at all Pet Smart stores

Originally published July 2008



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