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By Candice Sabatini


On February 14th, down in Chinatown, rather than wishing others a Happy Valentine’s Day, we’ll be hearing Gung Hay Fat Choy!, which literally means “Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year”. It’s Chinese New Year, and this year, the animal symbol is the Golden Tiger. We lovers of all cats, big and small, are thrilled that the year 2010 will be celebrating the fabulous feline.

Along with hopes for a good 2010, it’s also an excuse to indulge my two little tigers and buy them some new things for the New Year. As if I need an excuse!

I’ll start with the priciest gift, a fancy new litter box that won an award for Best Accessory at the Int’l Contemporary Furniture Fair. It’s called Modkat and looks very, very cool. I love the 1960’s well…mod… look, as well as the hanging brush that won’t get lost. I was a little skeptical to try it at first, as my 12 year old cats are not used to jumping up on a box in order to do their business. Molly, my fat, fluffy and lazy sloth, had no issues with the height of the box and though was a little confused at first (did I mention she’s dumber than dust?) she got the hang of it quickly. I like it because of the semi-closed top with holes in it, there’s a lot less litter scattered around the bathroom and tracked through the apartment. The Modkat is wider than my traditional ugly litter box and doesn’t fit into the nook between the sink and toilet, but since it’s so cool looking, it gets to occupy its own corner of my bathroom and doesn’t look like a cat litter box. It blends right in with the décor – and I don’t have to stare at ugly litter! The only element that needs to be improved upon, in my opinion, is the addition of throwaway liner bags. The reusable liner that comes with the Modkat, has to be dumped into a trash bag which gets thrown out, so why not just make a plastic throwaway liner that fits the Modkat? NYC apt dwellers have to throw kitty litter down the chute in a tightly sealed bag. Fortunately, I found some plastic bags that work.

I just line their reusable liner with a plastic baggie. When it’s time to clean, I just lift it out and throw it away. Very cool product!

Even at age 12 Simon, my little tiger, plays with toys like a kitten and I always crack up watching him amuse himself with new ones. Providing lots of exercise for him, these little Wooly Dust Bunnies are the simplest toy around. Little bits of carpet like fabric, totally organic, and made into soft round balls, these almost weightless puffs delight him. He flings them in the air, and then chases them as they go flying. The package contains six and I keep half of them in the catnip box while half out for him to play with, and then every few days, switch them to give him freshly ‘catnipped’ ones. Last night he put one on my pillow. He’s such a giver.

Want to really get your little tiger all revved up??? Get Bolt FroliCat. Point this laser light on any surface you don’t mind kitty running on and watch the action! Exercise for kitty, amusement for you! If you’re too busy trying to work while kitty wants to play, place it on a table, set the timer for 15 minutes and give them an independent play session.


Along with chasing toys and lights, cats love to hide in boxes and explore spaces. Throw out the ugly delivery boxes that make your place look like you moved in yesterday and get some of these pretty white Caboodles. You can customize them for any space. They’re made in the USA from recycled material and were given a best new product award from Cat Fancy Magazine. They’re quite durable and will hold even the most overfed feline – the company tested 60 pounds! My two love alternating inside/outside positions and playfully swatting one another and then cuddling up Caboodle style for some snoozing.


We need antioxidants and so do our pets. Cranimals, a powdered supplement, is made from cranberries, red raspberries, and blueberries. Antioxidants help ward off common pet ailments such as urinary tract infections, arthritis, and degenerative diseases and can be given to all cats, young and old. I just sprinkle some into their wet food and my little picky eaters don’t even know it’s there. Available in three different formulas, select the one that’s right for your pet from

Originally published February 2010



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