• cat_blue_pink
  • When I think of pet fashion, I usually envision a teacup pooch, beautifully groomed and dressed up in a carefully purchased frilly outfit. If you’ve visited a pet store, you’ll know that most pet fashion is geared towards dogs. But there is no reason why cat owners and their kitties shouldn’t be sporting something fashionable <... >

  • kind-dog-collars
  • Bespoke furniture, custom Saville suits and limited edition designer handbags are what you live for. So why do you buy off the rack when it comes to your pet’s fashion accessories? How do you get her something completely unique that only she has, specifically designed for your pet? By you becoming the designer yourself, what <... >

  • Antoinette_Cody
  • Celebrate the North Shore Animal League America’s 2009 DogCatemy Celebrity Gala on November 5th, 2009 (http://www.nsalamerica.org). You and your well behaved dog can rub shoulders and paws with the rich and famous. The Gala’s Master of Ceremonies will be Geraldo Rivera. Rivera and his family visited the Animal League and they immediately fell in love <... >

  • animal-pic-white
  • World Animal Day will be celebrated around the world on October 4th, a day for us to pause and think about our fellow creatures. And the 1st New York Week for the Animals will take place October 10th to 18th, 2009. Here are some of the events you and your pet can enjoy, and if <... >

  • battery-ball
  • We love to play with our pets. But sometimes, I just wish my dog could keep herself amused, especially when I have a looming deadline and can’t spare the time to play with her. The problem is to keep her interested in the toy, without any interaction from me. The Unpredictable Moving Dog Ball is <... >

  • cancer-pic-toy
  • Sadly, millions of people have suffered from the effects of cancer, and it is one of the most common health problems in the world. Even more tragic is that there is no cure for it right now. The only way to fight cancer is to find a cure through research. Collars for Cures is making <... >

  • sweet_scoop
  • Most cat owners use clumping or clay litter in their cat’s boxes. It used to be that clay litter got a bad rap in the past, but recent regulations have made the mining process more environmentally friendly than it used to be. However, if you do decide to switch to alternatives, there are a myriad <... >

  • tour7
  • It never fails to amaze me how much a tourist destination the city of New York can be. People all over the world descend upon it every day, no matter the time of year, or time of day. They want to discover what New York habitués know already, that there is always something new to <... >

  • petbowls
  • Set in city that never sleeps, over a weekend in late August, this annual highlight of the pet world was a never ending affair that showcased the usual dog couture, accessories and grooming products, all hyping to be the next big thing. However, there were a few new offerings that made this year’s unusual category. <... >

  • catnip1
  • I’ve always had the impression that all cats love catnip – hence the name. That even the most sedate, quiet or chubby couch potato feline becomes giddy at the mere semblance of catnip in its presence. Apparently I am wrong – according to some veterinarian studies, only 70% of cats love catnip. The remaining 30% <... >

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