• orangepeople
  • The whole month of April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and every year the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – ASPCA (http://www.aspca.org) spreads its message with the annual Go Orange for Animals campaign, and this year’s event will be bigger than ever. The ASPCA will kick off Go Orange <... >

  • bunny9
  • Not all of us are dog, cat or even lizard people. Some of us might want a pet that is a pure ball of fluff like a bunny. Before you go out and get a rabbit, be sure you know what’s in store for you. Contrary to popular belief, having a rabbit as a pet <... >

  • class1sweater
  • Some days, it may feel like you’re back in school again: multitude of classes at work teaching you effective communication, people management, networking, all of which you feel you don’t need. Then at the end of your day, you have even more classes: yoga, strength training, dancing, these you definitely want. The list seems endless. <... >

  • irish1hat
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style. Of course there’ll be the “tasteful” green beer, corned beef and cabbage, and the usual “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirts, even if your family has never set foot on the Emerald Isle. However the only way to celebrate is to make sure your best friend is dressed up to <... >

  • barks_1
  • We drop off our pets, sometimes daily, at kitty or doggie daycare, entrusting someone else to spend time with our furry friends. Who are these people, these animal caregivers, who love our dog or cat as much as we do? And what really goes on behind the scenes that we might not know about? We <... >

  • clean_sweep_dyson
  • It’s named the Dyson “Animal” for a reason…actually, make it two reasons! First, this little handheld vacuum really acts like an animal as it continuously cleans for 6 minutes without losing power. Secondly, in addition to a brush tool, the Animal also comes with a special motorized brush bar perfect for picking up all kinds <... >

  • stud
  • My friend just started dating a really great guy. He seems to like her as much as she likes him, but it’s still early days yet in their relationship. So she’s having a bit of a quandary on what to get him for Valentine’s Day. She wants to give him something nice, without presuming too <... >

  • showtime_angel
  • The best dog show is upon us once again – The 133rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (http://www.WestminsterKennelClub.org). It doesn’t get any bigger or more spectacular than this. Get your furry eyeful by heading over to Madison Square Garden, New York on Monday and Tuesday February 9th & 10th. General Admission tickets are good for <... >

  • _collared_rubber
  • Does you pooch have a leather dog collar,‭ ‬well that’s not really animal friendly,‭ ‬when you think about it.‭ ‬Fabric dog collar‭? ‬Apparently it’s a bacteria breeding ground.‭ ‬Although handmade ones are pretty chic like favorites made by‭ ‬Lucky Fiona‭ (‬find it on‭ ‬www.etsy.com‭)‬.‭ ‬Nylon‭? ‬Fashionable‭? ‬Well,‭ ‬that depends,‭ ‬as long as it’s not fluorescent‭! <... >

  • _1_salty_dogs
  • It may seem that on every other corner of‭ ‬New York City,‭ ‬you’ll stumble across a cute pet boutique or a showy doggy daycare.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬some neighborhoods are more blessed than others when it comes to a choice of discerning stores.‭ ‬If you live downtown near the eastern part of the financial district,‭ ‬an area <... >

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