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  • My Irish Setter Darby never gets any food from the dining table. I don’t want her begging for table scraps. Occasionally, she will get leftovers, but with the next day’s meal, and in her dog bowl with her regular kibble. If you want to give your pet a “human” meal, Evanger’s (www.EvangersDogFood.com) has a line <... >

  • small_scratch
  • When I first moved to New York City, I was one of the fortunate ones who found an affordable and fabulous place to stay within my first week in the city. I moved in with a real estate agent and shared a huge two bedroom, two bath apartment on the Upper East Side. There was <... >

  • bling_dog_tag.jpg
  • Academy Award season has come and gone, but it’s always the season to glam up your life. Even if it’s to huddle up at home with your closest friends to enjoy the enchanting entertainment of post-Oscar movies on TV, why not wear your party dress? Or don your most expensive jewelry with your flannel pajamas? <... >

  • If you’re like me, you’ve probably broken or at least cheated on your New Year’s resolutions already. Good news, you have a second chance to look forward to the new year again, Chinese New Year that is, which falls on February 18th 2007. The Chinese have a twelve year astrology cycle, represented by 12 animals. <... >

  • sweets_kitty_book.jpg
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one, your best friend, your constant companion – your pet! What better day to reward her for the unwavering love she lavishes on you than with a lovely dog treat from Buttercup’s PAW-tisserie? (www.buttercupspaw.com) You’ll want to sink your own teeth into the beautiful Pupcakes. These adorable and delectable <... >

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  • It’s perfectly normal to have leopard, cheetah and zebra hanging in your closet. It isn’t normal, however, to have live ones living in your Manhattan apartment. To some it may seem glamorous to own an exotic pet, I mean, who doesn’t want a baby alligator living in their bathtub? Unfortunately these wild animals, such as <... >

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  • Sometimes special people desire special pets. Yes, cuddly puppies and kitties are always fan favorites but the exotic lizard or bird garners plenty of “oohs” and “aahs” all the time. But before buying anything new or unknown there are certain factors to consider. Here’s a list of what to know before investing in that rare <... >

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  • When I was a wee one, I remember my father had a pretty yellow canary in a cute cage by the kitchen window. My dad was also a little superstitious, and believed it was good luck if he received the bird as a gift. So, one of my cherished memories is going to the pet <... >

  • puzzle_pic_4_chatter.jpg
  • My pooch Darby loves to tear her toys apart. I’ve bought for her an endless supply of plush animals, from high-end pet stores to cheapie bargains picked up at the 99cent stores. They all yield the same result – the white insides strewn all over the living room floor, like white puffs of tumbleweed. If <... >

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  • The holidays are a time for celebration, and also a time to keep an eye on your pooch or kitty. A sparkling bauble or a yummy holiday treat may prove to be too tempting – and dangerous – for a curious pet. Thankfully, most holiday plants and food will only cause a minor tummy upset. <... >

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