• Traveling around Manhattan with your four pawed sweetie can sometimes prove tedious especially if he won’t fit into a backpack, let alone the back of a cab. Then it’s time to get his own pet limo. Call Pet Taxi (www.PetTaxi.com), a convenient service run by a registered animal handler who’ll pick up your furry friend <... >

  • lavender_oil
  • Lavender is one of those Essential Oils that we think of for relaxing baths, refreshing our skin, even scenting our…fur? Yes, lavender is a useful ingredient in caring for your pet, naturally. Here are a few ideas… First Aid: If your dog has a small scratch, lavender oil can be used to treat the area, <... >

  • Darby my pooch met her first cat a couple of weeks ago. Or should I say, she was introduced to a feline frenzy. We were invited to a friend’s new home, and being an avid animal lover, my chum invited everyone’s pets to the housewarming party too. What I failed to ask the host and <... >

  • I’ve always been indifferent about pizza; have never taken sides in any thin versus thick debates that rage between my New Yorker and Chicagoan friends. I’ve never craved for it even after a late night out, when a slice seems to be the ultimate midnight snack that all my partying buddies hunger after. But every <... >

  • Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Is the glass half empty or half full? Is it late Winter or early Spring? Ià¢â‚¬™d like to think that March is early Spring, so that I can start thinking of bright colors to chase the winter blahs away. Also, I have a very energetic dog, and as <... >

  • We stroke them, pick them up, shake their paw and wrestle with them; our pets are certainly no strangers to being touched! But there is a touch that can transform your pet from a Nervous Nellie Nipper, or Boisterous Barking Babykins, to a well-adjusted, confident member of your household. (Pretty Perfect Percy?) Did I say <... >

  • Depending on breed or size, that little ball of fluff may be a rambunctious puppy and not reach adulthood for anywhere from nine months to two years. The bigger your dog will be as an adult, the longer he’ll stay a puppy – and the more patience you’ll need. An 18 month-old Labrador Retriever is <... >

  • A vibrant nightlife, great restaurants, chic shopping – descriptions we’re used to hearing about New York City. Head north and these can be used to describe Toronto, Canada as well. So when I learned that I needed to split my time over the next few months between N.Y. and T.O. (as the residents fondly call <... >

  • PICJerseys1
  • My dog loves to give me gifts. She’ll drop her slimy bone on my tummy as I settle down on the sofa to watch TV in the evening. Or her favorite tennis ball on the bathmat in the morning when I step out of the shower. I nearly slipped and twisted my ankle the first <... >

  • dogstew1
  • My dog has been having an identity crisis recently. I blame Grandma’s cat for her split personality. It all started last week when I had Grandma’s cat Ollie for a couple of days while she went away for the weekend. Ollie is a fat, laidback cat, compared to my lean, high-energy Darby. A spot-on comparison <... >

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