Metro Pets

By Sharon Gomes Thomas


At BN, we love animals, but there are pet peeves we see everyday that just seem to bug us, small as these annoyances may be. We and our pets are probably guilty of irritating our fellow city dwellers as well, unknowingly of course! But here are a few things that just get under our skin.


Curb Your Enthusiasm
Kimberly McDonald, our illustrious Publisher and Beauty Editor hates “people who don’t pick up poop on the sidewalks, particularly when you have large dogs that make large doodie”. There’s really no need to lay a hazardous trail with the Bon Ton Pick-up Kit dispenser for fast, convenient clean-up. Bon Ton easily attaches to your dog’s collar or leash. Available at


Saying Hello
Dog lover and Spa Editor Stephanie Ila Silver says her pet peeve is “parents who don’t teach their kids how to approach dogs properly”. Never approach a dog without asking the owner if you can. Not all dogs like to be petted by strangers and may see your approach as aggression. Parents may want to pick up a copy of May I Pet Your Dog?: The How-to Guide for Kids Meeting Dogs (and Dogs Meeting Kids) by Stephanie Calmenson. Available on Amazon Books.


Image courtesy of Allerca Lifestyle Pets

No Sneezing Allowed
For Michelyn Camen, BN’s Editorial Director and Fragrance Editor, it’s “a husband who claims to be allergic to pets, but is fine in anyone else’s home with a cat. I want a cat!” Michelyn may be able to persuade her husband to get her the world’s first hypoallergenic ALLERCA cat ( These kitties allow people with feline allergies to finally enjoy a household pet without suffering from allergic symptoms.


Cats Don’t Play Fetch
Jared Shechtman, BN’s Male Perspective guru gets rankled by “girls who try to convince their guy that their cat is special, even if they’ve never liked a cat in their lives, they will love this cat because it behaves like dog. Sorry honey….a cat is a cat!” For your girlfriend, get her a North Shore Animal League America ( t-shirt, so she can proudly declare her feline loving ways, and let her know you’ll never change yours! Shop at


Tinsel Is Not A Dog Accessory
Every holiday season, Metro Pets Editor Sharon Gomes Thomas will receive a card with someone’s pet dressed up in a hideous outfit, with the poor animal looking very uncomfortable. “One year, I received a card where my relative had dressed his dog in full Hawaiian Elvis gear, complete with a tinsel lei!” Instead of torturing your pet, send a holiday card from the Humane Domain, the Humane Society’s online store. ( Your pet and the animals they help will thank you.

Originally published October 2007



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